7 Essential Soft Skills You Can Brush Up with Prince2 Foundation Certification

Wouldn’t you be surprised if we said that having a few extra skills are not enough to excel in the world of project management? From dealing with clients to supporting team communication, having soft skills or People skills is equally important. That said, the Prince2 Foundation certification program is what you need to pursue. 

Contrary to popular belief, the PRINCE2 Certification supports a lot of external and interpersonal skills that are mandatory to support the overall growth and inclusion in project management. Not only do you get to learn about risk management, but PRINCE2 also trains the candidates about fair and open communication.

We will be discussing all the essential soft skills that you can foster with the PRINCE2 foundation course that is essentialfor your project management skills.

  • Leadership

Leadership skills in project management are just as important as technical skills. If you are at an advanced stage of project management, especially leading a team, harnessing these soft skills is crucial to not just drive personal growth but also support the overall team growth and development.

As a leader, it is also important to understand the importance of teams and how they work on a surface level. It is also necessary to work through the dynamics of the teams and on the previously set goals to achieve them. 

Leadership skills also involve knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and assigning tasks that support their growth and contributes the most to the project.

  • Motivation

Besides leadership, another soft skill that gets special emphasis with PRINCE2 is motivation. As a project manager, being able to inspire and motivate the team members drives the team and the overall project towards the edge of success. 

As a manager, working on motivational skills is imperative to keep the team members on track and support their growth from the get-go. A motivational leader is also someone who preaches active listening skills and supports the voice of their team members.

  • Open communication

When it comes to soft skills for project management, there is nothing that beats communication. Not just between the client and the manager but between every individual team member. Communication is an interpersonal skill that drives growth and successful execution of a project.

Project managers who follow transparency can make the team members build trust and they can dedicate more to the task assigned to them. The team becomes reliable, empathetic and supportive instead of focusing on micromanagement and destructive attitude. 

Communication also aligns with listening skills, which further contributes to the success of a project. Mastering open communication fosters mutual trust among every party involved in a project.

  • Support conflict management

When you have different people with different capabilities, strengths and visions working together on a project, there are difference of opinions which lead to a few conflicts and they can be resolved with a discussion, Instead of showing signs of frustration or being overpowering in a situation, an ideal leader learns about conflict management. This is discussed in detail in the Prince2 Foundation Certification In Dallas.

Majority of the disagreements in a projecting sprout from the sense of competition that fosters among the team members. It can also result to the communication gaps, lack of unclear task delegation and system downtime.

Conflict resolution is a soft skill that every project manager has to learn and implement in the long run. It helps clarify objectives in a project, clears confusion and unites the team to work together in harmony instead of working separately against each other.

  • Decision making

From strategic to operational decision making, the choices are diverse, especially when you are heading a project. Given that your decision can make or break the future of the project, mastering this skill is not just an option but a necessity that no one can brush aside. 

Decision making is a very subjective soft skill that involves a lot of personal factors into consideration. Project managers have to analyze the available options, dabble the different choices and then pick the one that will support maximum growth and success for the team and organization.

Learning the basics of project management with PRINCE2 makes the decision making the process a lot manageable and simplified for the professionals involved in the equation.

  • Trust building

When it comes to trust-building, a good project manager earns their team’s trust, especially with open communication, active listening and brainstorming of ideas and valuing the inputs of every team member involved in the project.

Trust-building is a very important soft skill that allows team members to work united and not struggle to survive throughout the tenure of the project. Instead of feeling competitive, trust-building in a team supports comprehensive and collaborative work experiences.

  • Organization and time management

We can’t stress this enough but one of the most important people’s skills that the PRINCE2 foundation highlights are the importance of organization in a project. This supports the systemic progress of the project and ensures that each task is completed within the delegated deadline without fail.

Sometimes, an organization in project management also tracks through the different degrees of tasks and issues at hand with designated milestones. Pair that with time management skills and there’s nothing that can stop the success of a project.

Lack of time management can often hamper team behaviour and efficiency. It can put a lot of strain and unnecessary anxiety on each team member involved in the project.

Soft skills are an irrevocable part of project management. This means that not only do you have to learn them, but you also need to master them with equal zeal and credibility. PRINCE2 Foundation certification assists the project management teams and managers learn these basics in detail for long-term use.

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