6 Types of digital media marketing

Digital media marketing is the most important aspect of the marketing of any business. The target audience can be reached directly by marketing the product. There are several types of digital marketing strategies that can be used to spread the brand’s message like a Wikipedia page that requires Wiki page editors to promote the brand’s message. Let’s discuss the 6 types of digital marketing being used today.


  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Pay per click
  3. Social Media marketing
  4. Content marketing
  5. Email marketing
  6. Mobile marketing



Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is used to make the business rank higher in the google search engine. This will result in increasing the traffic on the site. The SEO marketers search for keywords and phrases that will be used by the searchers online. After finding those keywords, they use them in their content. There are certain things to keep in mind while using SEO. It is necessary to make the content readable for google. It could be done by adding text for images and video.


Pay per click

It is the paid advertisement that is used to increase the traffic on the site. The advertisement circulates until the business is paying. These ads appear on the side and top of a page. It is used by many companies who spent a lot of money on it. The cost usually depends upon the demand of the keyword. There are high and low competition keywords. High competition keywords are those that are searched by many people and many sites show them while low competition keywords are those that are not searched a lot. Pay per click allows the business to choose whether their ad must be visible to a specified area or all over the world. Sometimes it is necessary to market the business to the relevant audience.


Social Media marketing

Social media marketing is also used to promote the business. A strategic approach can help in boosting the business. Consistency is the key to success. Various tools could be used to post on social media. The social media team must collaborate with the marketing team of the brand to effectively promote the message of the business. This will help them to remain at the same pace. All teams will tell the same story and remain on the same page. The social media team gets the data that can be used to run different campaigns. Social media marketing requires marketers to bring new creative ideas.


Content marketing

Brands can share their message through content marketing. The content can be shared in the form of storytelling. The content is created in such a way that it forces the customer to make the buying decision.  It helps in making the relationship strong. This will create a relationship of trust with the clients.

Content marketing can be integrated with other types of marketing. The content created uses keywords to spread the brand’s message. This content can be shared on social media posts. It helps in spreading information about the brand.


Email marketing

Email continues to be an effective marketing technique for businesses. It is a powerful marketing technique that can help in converting the audience to a potential customer. The opening rate of an email is very good. Emails can be made attractive by following certain strategies to get a good opening rate. The audience can be attracted by an email that offers limited time to take any action otherwise a big opportunity could be lost. This can be done by striking a special deal. The email should be personalized. The recipient must be addressed by their name. This will make them happy. The recipients can also have the chance to set a preference for when they want to listen from you. All these techniques will help in making an effective email.


Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is used to reach the target audience through smartphones, tablets, and devices. Marketers use social media, email, text messages, and websites to communicate with clients. Mobile users spend a lot of time on smartphones. Increased online shopping has also made users use mobile frequently. Marketers target their customers and send them messages about their businesses.

Apps are also built to entertain the audience and make them your potential buyers. The information and complete know-how of the business are available on the app. It is estimated that nowadays people spend more time using apps rather than watching television. This could be enough to know the importance of mobile marketing.



Traditional marketing methods have been replaced by digital marketing methods due to the increased use of technology. Search engine optimization, Pay per click, Social Media marketing, Content marketing, Email marketing, Mobile marketing are the type of digital marketing that helps in boosting the business. Businesses can rank higher in the competition by utilizing them. The message of the brand can be sent to the target audience through mobile marketing. Smartphones have brought about a revolution in the world and the audience spend 5 hours of their day on their phones. This medium would be perfect to spread the message of the brand.

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