6 top brands using Drupal all over the world in 2024

Top brands using Drupal – Drupal has long erected its pace in the development niche, not only for the websites but for the backend for mobile application development. Therefore, many websites and institutions have Drupal at their core and thrive without any hassle. All one needs is the Drupal platform and a secure Drupal hosting environment. Let’s have a look at the top brands using Drupal in 2024 with a brief explanation.

What is Drupal? 

Drupal is an open-source and free web content management system written in PHP. It also offers an open-source backend framework for websites. So in simple words, Drupal is a Content Management Framework. Or we can say it serves as a framework with which one can build its own CMS, customized to the specifications and best suited for the needs. Secondly, you can get affordable Drupal hosting and streamline your way to a fast-paced website.


NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration and is an American government’s flagship agency. So imagine that the website has to cater to the science giants. It has to accommodate all the past and present aeronautics research, aerospace research, space missions, discoveries alongside high-quality photos and videos.

Not only the content, but it also encompasses a considerable number of redirect/ navigate/ download links to different apps and learning resources, and so forth. In short, it has to deal with enormous content and a massive traffic volume. Fortunately, their Drupal website is doing an excellent job in all regards.

NASA’s online portal can be expected to be upgraded to advanced Drupal (maybe 8 or 9). It is because the support for Drupal 7 now has been decided to end on November 28, 2024.

Oxford University 

Among an increased number of institution websites, oxford university’s official website is also in the league for many years. Compelling reasons behind entrusting Drupal is its scalability, security, and high performance. Also, Drupal never disappoints, even if there are significant traffic flows.

Thus, this Drupal site is precisely what an educational and institutional website should be like. It displays the information from admissions to departments and research to events in a well-organized manner.

The Australian Government

As we already mentioned, Drupal is famous for educational, institutional, and technology-based websites. However, this doesn’t end here. Many government websites are already using Drupal. The best example is the Australian Government website, australia.gov.au.

Following the responsibility of a government website, it displays every information from career to travel and culture to public health. More precisely, it is rendering more than 3000 web pages so everyone, regardless of being a citizen, visitor, or entrepreneur, can get the desired information piece(s).

However, it isn’t a mesh, yet anyone can smoothly walk through the homepage to parent and sub web pages. Moreover, with a clean interface, it has social media links to direct the users to their interested’ platform.

Thanks to Drupal stability and security, it is now the most featured platform for most Australian government websites.


Tesla Inc., previously knowns as Tesla Motors, is an American company. It is a worldwide known name for manufacturing electric automobiles (cars), solar panels, clean energy, cars, and home power storage batteries. The tesla website is based on Drupal 8 and best suits its company’s worthy reputation and technology bracket.

That means it is the best epitome of a clean, readily interactive, and exquisite yet sophisticated website. Moreover, it doesn’t lack even a bit for user experience, engagement, and animations to videos.


There will probably be nobody who doesn’t know about Nokia, which is the topmost mobile phone producer being globally well-known. So individuals and businesses can get updates about the available and latest products.

In addition, not exactly like NASA, but it still uses the website to display the research, innovations, and publications alongside the news and events. In addition, the website incorporates all the functionalities from complex to minor ones like quick search to assist the users.

Nokia’s website has Drupal 8 at its core and has seamless navigation and an effortless yet attractive design.

UNICEF Innovation Fund

You might already know that the UNICEF Innovation Fund offers financial assistance concerning global children’s well-being-oriented projects. Based on Drupal 8, the website is an informative platform for its respective niche. Also, the most straightforward design and navigation links to all web pages are adequate to welcome and engage the visitors.

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