6 tips to remember when renting a car in Dubai


Going to Dubai is a really exciting journey for both the novice and the experienced traveler. If you are going to visit this city for the first time, you are in luck. You are about to experience one of the most exciting feelings when you learn about all the wonders, miracles, and sensations of Dubai.

Even if you have already visited the largest city in the Emirates (yes, this title belongs to Dubai), you will not miss the opportunity to surprise yourself again with something luxurious and luxurious. To cover all the sightseeing of Dubai, you need to choose the most appropriate mode of transportation. Metro, buses, taxis, and even bikes and boats are available to you, however, if you want to stay as independent as possible and continue exploring the city at your own pace, you may want to opt for daily car rental Dubai. To make your experience with car rental as positive as possible, follow the tips that we have mentioned below.

Cheap daily car rental dubai: 6 important tips

1- Make sure your documents are legitimate

Obviously, you should have all the necessary documents with you when you go to rent a car from a car rental service such as OneClickDrive, but first of all, you should know exactly which documents to take, if you are a resident of the UAE, you should only have a valid driver’s license and the test Medical and any type of ID, if you are a tourist, the list will be a little longer:

your passport.

The visa is not expired.

Driving license in your country.

International driving licence.

It may happen that some companies ask for additional documents, so be sure to check out the full list of their rental website.

2- Check the agreement

This rule is relevant to any document that you put your signature on, if you are thinking of renting a car in Dubai and the agreement is already in front of you, make sure you review every point in it carefully, you should clearly understand what your obligations and the rental obligations are, what you are allowed to do with the car, and what you do when something goes wrong, too.

3- Check the car

The agreement isn’t the only thing to check before you hit the road, there’s one more thing you can do to ensure your travels are perfect, you can ask the rental company to show you the car you’ll be driving even before you sign the documents, if all is well Ok, you can continue your cooperation with the rental.

Also take a look at the car when you are about to start driving and report all your concerns to the dealership, and they will clear you of any baseless accusations and prove that you were careful while driving.

4- Do not leave the Emirates

It is strictly forbidden to drive a rental car outside the territory of the UAE, it can lead not only to warnings or fines but to imprisonment. We are sure that you do not want to spoil your vacations in this way, crossing the UAE border on your rental car. You should get the legal permission of the state authorities.

5- Pay attention to the minimum age

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are at driving or how familiar you are with traffic rules if your age does not meet the age limit, UAE laws state that the minimum age to rent a car is 21 and some rentals can help you if you are 18 or over, However, not many companies offer certain types of cars to people under the age of 25.

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6- The last tip

While this list can go on with multiple items, we would like to mention another really important tip, especially in the 21st century, before clicking on the first website and choosing a car, take a look at their customer reviews and the overall reputation of the rental.

It will better if you check it on third-party platforms, in most cases, such feedback will give you a transparent impression of the company, when everything is complete, hop in the car and enjoy your ride.

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