6 Tips for Decorating a Beautiful Bedroom


A bedroom is like a personal sanctuary that helps you to express your favorite collections, colors, and feelings. For this, you can go with the calming energy of a neutral and subtle bedroom or try the latest trend of bright and sharp colors to channel your inner artist.

Whether you are an inspiring interior designer or want to give your own house a little time-to-time makeover, choosing the right decoration ideas can be challenging.

This is why in order to maintain functionality and coziness of the bedroom according to its interior, here are some of the best and unique bedroom decorating tips and ideas that can help you get the most out of your bedroom design without much hassle.

Choose the Furniture Size

When it comes to redecorating your room, one thing that matters the most is choosing the right size of the furniture. This will help you ensure that things do not look messy or too crowded in your room.

For this, you can start out with a proper floor plan and a measured drawing of the entire space of your bedroom. This can turn out to be a great guide for you to identify what size of furniture will perfectly fit in the room. You can visit the link to see what understand what size bed and mattress you will need:

One tip is to never go for a too heavy or large bed and dresser for a small bedroom space. Similarly, if the ceiling is high in your room, a tall headboard of the bed will help you visibly bring it down and make it look much better.

Think About Ceilings

One of the first and foremost bedroom décor tips involves the ceiling, which is like the fifth wall of the room. The reason behind this is that whenever you lie in your bed, the first thing that you might see is a blank, bland surface that is your ceiling.

This is why it is better to never avoid your ceiling in the decoration process. You can add a soft color of paint or a subtle pattern on it that can help to visually lower the ceiling and give you your room a feeling or vibe of intimacy and comfort.

Other ideas involve adding wallpaper or stencil to the ceiling, or you can also try decorating the room with dome architectural elements in the form of moldings or beams or any other type of decorative paint element that can help you to enhance your ceiling look.

Layer up the Windows

Nothing can create a better look of the room better than a beautifully dressed window. It can turn out to be a great aid to frame the windows as well as the view outside and provide several other ways to add texture, color, pattern, softness, and color to a bedroom.

If you are one of those people who love soft and sheer fabrics and love to add a sophisticated touch to your bedroom, then choosing velvet or silk curtains will help you to filter light and combine opaque rollers that can be pulled down to maintain your privacy as well.

It can also be used to block morning light. You can choose several different types of curtains and drapes for this purpose. Some of the most common options that many interior designers recommend are tailored pleat, rod pocket, inverted pleat, ripple fold drapery, etc.

Have a Storage Plan

What’s the point of having a bedroom with no storage area or space? No matter if it is about having a walk-in wardrobe or a simple closet, you need to make sure your bedroom has plenty of storage space for all your valuables.

From the perspective of interior decoration, a great way to add to the serene vibes of a bedroom is to store things out of sight. This way, the room will tend to appear more calm, cozy, and roomy without getting into much trouble.

To fulfill this purpose, you can choose a bedside table with doors or drawers behind it in which you can hide lotions, books, reading glasses within reach but of sight. This will make your room appear more neat and tidy and free of mess.

Go For Subtle Tones

While you might have favoritism towards bright and bold colors, it is better to choose a soothing palette and restful shades of monochromatic tones to keep things subtle. The softer the color tones will be, the cozier your bedroom will appear to be.

You can always remember color theory, according to which gentle hues of lavender, green, or blue are considered to be serene and calm. These rich-jewel tones can help set the mood of comfort and coziness in the room.

You can also go with colors like deep pomegranate, browns, or topaz, or any similar soft colors. You can use toned-down versions of your favorite colors as well, which might mean choosing mauve instead of eggplant or pumpkin instead of sharp tangerine color.

Use Luxurious Bed Covers

Another one of the many things that can help you to create a great look for your room is by outfitting your bedroom with gorgeous and luxurious fabrics. This can turn out to be a fabulous idea as nothing can add more comfort to a bedroom than beautiful soft linens.

Rather than buying bed sheets that are less than 100 percent linen or cotton with high thread counts of 350 or more, you should go for sheets that feel like they came from a 5-star hotel. You can send them to a dry cleaner for professional pressing and washing.

It will not cost you much but will still create a crisp smoothness worthy of your hard-earned money. You can also add other sensual feeling fabrics through the bedroom with a  soft cashmere or mohair. You can lay these sheets on the arm of your reading chair or can cover the walls with silk or textured wall coverings, hand silk draperies, plush floor coverings, or a silk bed canopy.

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