5 Tips To Sell Your Photos Online Like a Pro

Sell Your Photos Online

If you’re looking for the best, easiest, and most profitable ways to sell your photos online like a pro, this guide can help you. Before you can start turning your photography into a steady revenue stream, there are certain things you should know to discover the most lucrative practices for monetizing your photos online. 

From the quality of your photography to the online selling sites you choose, every tiny detail matters in your marketing approach. The internet provides numerous options for making money, and selling photos online is one. 

However, just like any other business industry, selling photos online requires a certain level of tech-savvy knowledge and creativity to monetize your efforts. Finding your niche, targeting the right audience, and ensuring steady streams of revenues takes some hard work, but it isn’t impossible. Read on to find out more.

Start By Defining Your Photography Niche To Brand Your Photos

Your effort to successfully sell photographs online should start with defining your niche as a photographer. If you want to get a reasonable price for your work, you need to specialize in a specific niche. Finding a niche refers to developing a unique, distinctive, and consistent theme or style that’s always present in your works. 

Whether you’re into food, nature, cityscapes, fashion, sports, or travel, consistency is vital to developing a brand online. Internet users have high expectations, so you need to define your niche. 

A niche allows you to develop a style of photography that resonates with your customers. A good tip for finding your photo niche is to do some market research to understand the demand for certain kinds of photography. 

You should also invest time, effort, and resources in building your brand and audience. Start by becoming more present on social media platforms with built-in user bases, such as Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Harness The Power Of Digital E-commerce

The best way to showcase your photos to customers is to create a representative portfolio. To do that, you’ll need a matching website template. Since the entire e-commerce industry is based on selling products over websites, you should consider adding e-commerce to your portfolio website. 

In addition, we recommend providing several payment methods, ranging from Shop Pay to PayPal, to create as many business opportunities as possible. You should also consider adding additional content to offer more incentives to your potential customers. One of the easiest ways to commercialize your photography is to build a web store on an e-commerce platform, such as Shopify. 

Platforms like Shopify provide all the plugins and apps you need to customize your sales approach and sell and distribute your photos in different forms, like ads, social media posts, etc. You can even sell your photos offline using Shopify POS.

Sell Your Photos Online As A Service

Whether you’re a product photographer or more into fashion and event photography, professional photographers are always high in demand. There are so many business opportunities to tap into. 

Here are a couple of valuable tips on selling your photos as a service online:

  • List your photography offerings on freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr;
  • Become a Shopify expert;
  • Tap into the potential of local networking to provide your services in person and distribute your photos both online and offline.

Here are some tips on networking like a pro:

  • Create your business cards;
  • Create a top-grade profile on LinkedIn and optimize it for the type of service you provide to display your portfolio and attract high-paying clients;
  • Attend as many brand-related events as possible to meet more clients and other photographers and build your contact lists.

Use all the knowledge and contacts you gather through networking to build your photography brand.

Diversify Your Offer

As a photographer, you’re not limited to selling just regular photos. You can diversify your offer to appeal to a broader audience outside of publishers and professional brands. You can use your photos to create additional content such as photo books, products, and prints. 

The internet is an abundant source of tools and websites where you can upload your photos and sell your photography as calendars, t-shirts, mugs, etc. 

Some of the best platforms include:

  • Fotomoto
  • CafePress
  • Fine Art America
  • Instaproofs

You should also consider using a print-on-demand service to broaden your reach and drop ship your newly developed photography-related products worldwide.

Discover The Best Platforms To Sell Your Photography Online

Nowadays, the web is swarming with amazing websites and platforms specializing in selling all sorts of photography online. Some of the best places to take into consideration include:

  • Alamy
  • 500px
  • SmugMug Pro
  • Shutterstock
  • iStock Photo
  • Etsy
  • Getty Images
  • Stocksy
  • Can Stock Photo
  • Adobe Stock

Each of these platforms offers unique features, plugins, and tools to help you target the right audience and ensure your photos reach various publishers, brands, other photo-selling platforms, and anyone who may take an interest in your line of work.


Making a profit from your photography isn’t exactly rocket science. However, it does require some knowledge, experience, and skill to achieve your business goal. Thankfully, the internet offers so many fantastic options that you can use to make sure your photos reach their destination. 

Whether you’re a full-time photographer or do it for fun, there are many ways to turn your hobby into a profitable business. All it takes is to put your mind and effort into it.

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