5 Questions to Ask Before Finalizing the Best Whatsapp Chatbot

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Do you know around 2 billion users are active on Whatsapp? This is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level. Moreover, the Whatsapp chatbot is considered to be a valuable communication tool for organizations. However, it will become the best tool, when implemented perfectly and when it serves five important things. So before finalizing the best WhatsApp chatbot, there are 5 critical questions that you must ask yourself. 

Q1: Can Perform Lead Generation? 

Lead generation is one of the core objectives of most businesses. The WhatsApp chatbot must help you in generating leads. For instance, many businesses introduce their new products and services on Whatsapp and offer the customer a contact number or a link to start chatting. When the customer engages with any of the features, the businesses get their name and contact details immediately. Hence, the lead is generated, and the companies can have personalized communication, which converts leads to conversion. 

Q2: Can Bot Serve Instant Customer Service? 

The best Whatsapp bot helps the organization by satisfying their potential customers with instant response. In reality, many queries of the customers are simple or basic ones which are solved within a few minutes. Customers will not appreciate the waiting for the simple issues, and this can impact the business negatively, i.e., customer turnover. No enterprise wants to lose customers at any cost. Hence, when the bot responds to the customer’s queries fast and correctly, then the business objective to make customers happy and satisfied is fulfilled. 

Q3:Can the Bot Solve Payment-Related Queries? 

Customers, when making online payments, want the surety of secured payments. Many incidents happen when the transaction fails, but the amount is deducted from their account. This frustrates online customers. Hence, the reliable Whatsapp bot can link the bank accounts and make the payment transactions seamless yet highly secured.

Q4: Can it Support Loyalty Programs? 

Loyalty programs are a smart way to engage customers with your products. In other words, it allows the customers to make a purchase again from your online store. However, it’s not that easy to run the loyalty programs as you need to update customers with their points earned and special offers currently going on. One can say m it can be notified with the help of emails. However, e-mails are often overlooked. With the help of the best Whatsapp bot, the loyalty program is automated, showing point balances and reminders to invite customers for repeat purchases. 

Q5: Can Send Automated Alerts and Notifications? 

To be in touch with customers, timely and short notifications play a vital role. When notifications and alerts are sent through Whatsapp, then the influence on the customers is more. For instance, alerts related to limited period bumper sales, and much more. 

In the End 

Chatbots are much in demand. Today’s businesses are making their best use to drive profits. Ensure not to miss out on the above questions as they can help you in getting the right bot for your company. 


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