5 Major Differences between CBD Oil and CBD Tincture

CBD Oil and CBD Tincture

The likelihood of having heard the term “CBD” is very high. This is because of the increasing popularity of these products. Although they have not been fully approved by the FDA since it is still categorized as an experimental drug, reports of CBD’s potency are filling the airwaves.

As a result, people are becoming more interested in what these products are all about and what they can offer. To do this, there are several things that you need to know.

Some of them include the categories of cannabidiol products, some of which you can find here, as well as the different ways they can be consumed. Speaking of the categories, we have the full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate categories.

All of these have their peculiarities and understanding them will help you make the right choice. Furthermore, knowledge of the various ways cannabidiol can be consumed is essential in making the right choice.

We will pay more attention to the forms by discussing the differences between CBD oil and tincture here. We believe that this subject is very important as many people do not know the difference between both CBD forms. Well, this article will do justice to that and this is why you should follow through to the end.

What Is CBD Oil?

This is an oil product that is primarily composed of cannabidiol. But in addition to this major ingredient, this therapeutic product is made up of a carrier or base oil. The choice of the carrier or base oil is very crucial as it helps the raw cannabidiol extract dilute into a state that is ideal for consumption.

This is how it works both for products specially formulated for humans or even animals. Speaking of the right carrier or base oil, some of the options considered by manufacturers include MCT, vegetable glycerin, and coconut – oil.

You should also know that it could be a combination of more than one of these. The right product needs to ensure the use of the right oil. This is also to avoid allergic reactions aside from the issue of potency.

By and large, this kind of cannabidiol product has been discovered to contain some important things other than cannabidiol. This is why you can find protein, fatty acids, as well as essential nutrients and vitamins.

What Is CBD Tincture?

CBD tinctures are liquid Cannabidiol products that are extracted with the active help of an alcohol solution. Other than alcohol, it has also been gathered that vinegar is used by some manufacturers and proves to be a good option.

Tinctures are not a new thing in the pharmaceutical industry. It is even a go-to solution for many drug manufacturers given the several advantages attached to presenting drugs in this form. For more information on this, you can visit: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/pharmacology-toxicology-and-pharmaceutical-science/tincture

The role of vinegar or alcohol in tinctures can be likened to the role of a carrier or base oil for CBD oil. So, these ethanol contents have to be good enough for diluting the raw cannabidiol extract into the ideal state.

In addition to these, cannabidiol in the form of tinctures could have one or more of the ingredients listed below:

  • Water
  • Melatonin
  • Sweeteners
  • Essential Vitamins (D, C, B12, and several others)
  • Herbs
  • Essential Oils such as Lavender and Basil

Some Key Differences between CBD Oil and CBD Tincture

Some people cannot tell the difference between Cannabidiol oil and tincture. Well, there are a number of them and they include the following:

Different Base Ingredients

There is definitely a base ingredient(s) for either of them. However, they are not the same and this is the key difference between both forms. In the case of cannabidiol tincture, the use of something that contains ethanol cannot be ruled out.

You should even know that the primary extracts have to spend quite some time suspended in a largely concentrated ethanol solution. This is how tinctures bring the primary ingredient to the ideal state for consumption by humans or even animals.

On the other hand, the base used by the oil form is not ethanol-based. Instead, a choice between MCT, vegetable glycerin, and coconut oil, or a few others can be made. Also, it can be a combination of two or even more of these.


This is not to rule out the effectiveness of tinctures. Many people have reported positive changes in their health state after using them as they should.

Be that as it may, the truth is that tinctures are not as primarily concentrated as the oil.  What this simply means is that you have a greater percentage of cannabidiol extracts in oil form than in tincture.

This is as a result of the several ingredients added in making the tincture form. Such ingredients include those added to improve the taste. And speaking of taste, let us move on to the next point in terms of differences.


Tinctures have a lot more to offer in terms of taste than the oil form. This is because of the way the alcohol properties help in projecting the flavors used to improve the taste. On the contrary, many people have issues with the taste of CBD oil.


We have gathered that premium quality CBD oil of the same size and concentration as tinctures would likely cost more. But even at that, this cannabidiol form is a best seller. This says a lot about what it has to offer.

Usage and Effects

One of the major similarities is the fact that they can both be used sublingually. But there are other ways as well. CBD oil can be vaped as long as it is specially formulated for inhalation. The same cannot be said about tinctures as this is not even advised.

Tinctures can be easily added to meals, drinks, and even cooked alongside certain meals because of how helpful their properties are for such. Also, tinctures tend to offer more in terms of bioavailability.

Understanding the differences between both forms will help you make the right choice when the need arises. This is why you are advised to do your research as this will help you make informed decisions.


Some people cannot tell the difference between Cannabidiol oil and tincture aside from checking the label. Well, such people now know better having read this article. We strongly advise that you thoroughly consider all that these forms have to offer before deciding on the product to be used.

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