5 Hormone Replacement Therapy Myths That You Thought Were Facts

Hormone Replacement Therapy

We all know that when a person ages, it is not the best feeling in the world. It can get devastating for people.  With aging come other issues like weight changes, libido imbalance, and mood swings. These can be mild for some people and for some these may be hard to manage. Along with that, the stage after menopause is quite tiring as well. It comes up with symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes.

According to the best oncologist in Karachi, there are a number of treatment options that can be opted but very few people know the benefits of hormone replacement therapy. This is because of the misconceptions that are spread around and those make people question HRT. So. Let’s have a look at some of the myths to help you out and make you well informed if you are planning on getting HRT.

Myth 1: HRT can cause breast cancer

It is one of the most common myths against HRT. This is basically derived from old studies. This is only true in one case. That case is when you get more than the required hormones in your body only then have an increased risk of getting cancer.

There have not been many cases where people got affected with cancer, however, people who are hormone-sensitive do tend to be careful when thinking of getting HRT.

Myth 2: Hormone therapy can cause a heart attack

If you are a woman who has reached her 50s and doesn’t get her period. It is a very beneficial therapy for you. The estrogen-only HRT which is without progesterone has resulted to be so beneficial that it lowers the risk of heart diseases.

However, women who don’t take hormone replacement therapy are likely to get affected with heart issues and even heart attacks. There is only risk involved when you start taking the therapy at a later age. If you start it in your seventies you increase the risk of many other diseases. That’s why it is always suggested to get HRT as soon as you start to experience the symptoms of menopause. 

Myth 3: HRT can lead to blood clotting

This is not something that happens in today’s times. This used to happen in ancient times when the treatments were not really done by using sterilized equipment. In today’s times, this risk is something to laugh about, as in these times it is very rare for such an incident to happen. 

HRT is now done individually and in a very customized way. Blood clots can only happen when you go for synthetic hormones. HRT is to boost women’s estrogen by balancing all the hormones. It provides them with a great opportunity to enjoy the post-menopausal stage.

Myth 4:  You need to experience all symptoms of menopause 

You don’t have to suffer from the symptoms of menopause and shouldn’t let your body suffer. Symptoms including night sweat, weight gain, and hot flashes were once told to be normal to experience. But these can have a significant impact on your lifestyle choices and tasks. 

It is okay to go through the menopausal stage and not feel the symptoms. Opt for hormone replacement therapy during menopause and make your life full of ease.

Myth 5: Synthetic hormones are way better than HRT

It is false but also true. The synthetic hormone treatment does work sometimes. It is a treatment option that has been created by scientists and has been tested again and again. But if a comparison is done between the two, HRT is a much more natural alternative and synthetic medicine is the one that is developed and produced chemically.

In fact, bioidentical hormones are always developed by using the natural ingredients like plants and their way of functioning is by copying the body’s natural hormone production. 

Final Thought 

The decision to go for HRT depends from person to person. It is your choice if you want to make your life easy by opting for HRT or synthetic hormones. But do make it clear before choosing either, do your research, and don’t depend on people’s suggestions.  If you still are confused, visit an oncologist and get your facts straight.

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