5 Common Problems Early Bloggers Face – How to Overcome 


Blogging allows anyone to publish content while also providing the opportunity to earn money. As a result, thousands and thousands of latest blogs are launched every day. Unfortunately, most new bloggers face significant challenges, and in many cases, the hurdles are sufficient to trigger the blogger to give up.

No interaction with your blog post from visitors 

It can be extremely frustrating to spend time writing a blog post only to sit around waiting for remarks that never arrive. The interactive nature of blogging is just what entices many people to start their blogs. If your blog posts do not usually get much attention, you’re not alone.

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You can overcome this by: 

  • Interacting with others’ blog posts 
  • Try to be down to earth and not egoistic in the comment section 
  • Try to respond to the comments that you get on your post 
  • Frequently asking a question in your blogs will allow your visitors to interact. 

Lack of focus on the topic 

Nothing is more important than high-quality content. It is your most powerful tool for attracting and retaining readers’ attention. Take note of the true and good compromise between quantity and quality.

If you want to create a better and quality content, make sure to ask yourself these questions: 

  • Am I interested in this topic? 
  • Can I give this work my more pop attention?

After you are done asking yourself questions, 

you can overcome this by: 

  • Always researching for your topic. Never start writing without research. 
  • Look out for your niche competitors. 
  • Look at their grip on the topic and then try to make your content better than theirs, fill out the gaps that they forget to mention in their post. 

Give your content a voice 

You can overcome this factor by giving your content a voice, aim, and target that you like to achieve. Make your words your weapon because words are mightier than a sword. These words can be a revolution.  Also learn about, Duralast Car Battery.

So, keeping that in mind, you must make sure and analyze

  • who is your audience? 
  • Where is your audience from? 
  • What are their preferences in terms of content? 

To overcome this lack of voice factor by going into trends. Utilize the trends with your creative skills in writing. 

Stay active and motivated 

Hopefully, you’ve spent hours thinking up article ideas and with a never list of blog post topics. You must now start writing them consistently.

This is the most difficult blogging dilemma as everyone’s strategy is different. 

Here are a few tips:

  • You cannot become motivated all the time but stay determined.
  • Prioritize your blogging time whether it’s for a few mins. 
  • Try to indulge in multiple niches and show creativity. Don’t stick to only one topic you might get bored. 
  • Whenever you get ideas keep your gadgets ready to write them down instantly, don’t wait too long so that your ideas get vanished. 

Think of blogging as a job 

If you want to be earned from your hobby later, you must treat it as a business. Being business-minded does not imply being deceitful or dull. It simply means that you must be careful and thoughtful.

You can turn your blogging into a daily earning business. 

Here are the following tips:

  • Write as a blogger, pour out your heart into your work. Look out for every way to earn money from blogging 
  • Build your team for your blogging work. Make them work for you. 
  • Make a plan, ask yourself questions, and stick to the working schedule. 
  • Make a business social media account to attract more customers to you. 
  • If you start earning don’t think of your blogging only as a source of money. Do think of it as a source of knowledge and inspiration. 
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