5 Blue Nail Ideas to Try in Your Next Manicure

Christmas is long gone. So, now is the perfect time for redoing your nails.  

We don’t undermine traditional nail paints like the shades of pinks and the classic reds. However, we propose that a few other shades are worth giving a shot. For instance, let’s talk about the brilliant nail color – blue!  

The color comes out particularly on fingertips yet adds to the glamour and glory. Because of its versatility, the nail trend leaders have also put the blue color on the list of super trending twelve nail polish colors right now.  

That said, it’s time to know the five most titillating blue nail ideas to try out in your next manicure. Let’s paint it blue this time.  

Things to Do Before Painting Your Nails Blue: 

Wait a second. Before we jump to knowing the blue nail design trends, let us know a few things to consider before starting to paint your beautiful nails.  

First things first. Pick a shade of blue. There are multiple shades of blue, and all look equally stunning on nails. While baby blue and royal blue are the top-notch choices of the most, you are allowed to go off-beat with cobalt blue or navy blue.  

Once you pick your color, it is time to define what nail length you want to keep. Short? Long? Round-cut? Square-cut? It would be best if you had answers to these questions before you start taking out that blue nail brush from the bottle.  

Now let’s reveal what will look best on your nails!  


Create The Neon Blue Aesthetic 

Nothing but a neon blue aesthetic on your nails will give you the best flashback of the 90s and 2000s. The nostalgic neon blue brings back the memory of your favorite movie. Frankly, we feel that neon blue is not as famous as it should be because ladies try it less. But you can break the trend by doing it.  

Draw a simple neon blue and white design or keep the nails painted only in neon blue – they will look fantastic! If you feel a little less inspired to do so, check out how Joe Jonas pulled this color on his nails with the help of celebrity nail artist Julie Kandalec.  


Go With The Blue Chrome Extensions 

Blue is bold and beautiful. And so are these blue chrome extensions. With a chrome extension finish on your nails, you can make a statement out there in the streets. While you are all set for making blue chrome nails, explore your options well. You can either go for dragon blue chrome nails or a deep blue gel finish.  

From mermaid blue chrome pastels to metallic blue chrome touch, you can give rise to anything on your nails. Moreover, you can choose aqua blue chrome extensions or mirror-finish, square, oval chrome nails. Whatever you choose, blue chrome nails will never let you down.  

Blend The Matte And Metallic 

Nothing illuminates like blue. And if it is a matte blue nail finish, it is irreplaceable. Plus, adding a metallic element to this nail design elevates the entire heaven-drawn manicure. Opt for a bright blue-black or radiant navy for the matte look. Paint the color on your thumb, index finger, and ring finger. Then pick a metallic blue hue to apply on your middle finger and little finger. Once you finish this nail design, you will be mesmerized. Slap some little diamond blue rhinestones on your ring finger to make it look spectacular.  


Make Live The Blue Marble Nails 

If you are looking for a nail art design to suit both the short and long nails, you should go for the blue marbles. On short nails, matte white blended with ocean blue appears dreamy to the eyes. You can create random designs for getting the blue marble feels on your hands.  

You can create an abstract marble look for long nails with dark blue and white colors. Of course, it is a bold look to turn the eyeballs around on you. To know the tactic of creating blue marble nails, watch this fantastic tutorial, and you will be a master yourself.  


Apply Any Blue Tint With The Accessories 

Let’s talk about this undying trend with an example. First, paint your nails with a Cobalt blue or Aruba blue coat in the base. Start sticking crystals to the bottom of your ring finger in a wave shape. Then move towards the backside of your nail extensions and fill them with the crystals. This look is so stunning and sparkling that you won’t take your eyes off your nails for sure.  

While we are on it, the gold foil is another accessory you can add to your blue nails to make them look gorgeous. Watch this video and learn how to make a gold foil design on your fingertips when painted blue.  



We have listed out the five most stylish blue nail design ideas, and now we know how to do them and when. Besides these five, there are thousand other implement-worthy ideas for blue nail designs. You can implement any one of them anytime and still look spectacular in pictures and to the eyes. When doing your favorite blue nail design, remember one thing, they are your nails, and you can do anything with their design.  


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