3 Streaming Websites:You To Watch Movies & TV Shows For Free

A lot of people love movies and TV shows. Most of those love to watch them on their desktop computer or laptop, and with the help of streaming websites, you can do that without actually downloading anything. Hollywood blockbusters, classics, series, or old films you still remember from when you study in school – everything is possible with these free streaming websites. The most popular other 3 streaming names: 7HitMovies, Mlwbd, and Crackstream.Con.

3 Streaming websites’ name

The best 3 streaming websites name:

  • Putlocker
  • Project free tv
  • Fmovies


Streaming is a great way to watch your favorite movies and shows from the comfort of your home, but many streaming services are expensive or pay less than traditional TV channels. Putlocker is a free movie and TV streaming website that has a library of hundreds of different titles for you to choose from.

Check out the sections below for some of our top picks on the site:

  • Fist Fight (2017) – If you have ever wanted to watch Ice Cube fight it out in the hallways of a high school, this is the movie for you. This action-packed comedy will keep you laughing throughout its entire run time.
  • The Good Place (2016) – This modern twist on the popular sitcom centers on an afterlife where one woman finds herself trying to fit into her new surroundings as she tries to avoid going to hell. The show was created by Michael Schur, who also created Parks & Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so you know that it is going to be worth watching.
  • The Godfather II (1974) – This crime drama tells the story of how Michael Corleone handles his father’s empire after his death. It takes place after The Godfather and shows how he came up with his plan to expand the empire and make it legitimate.

Project Free TV 

Do you know what’s better than paying for cable? Paying for nothing. That’s right, Project Free TV is here to share with you some of the best internet sites that allow you to watch thousands of movies and TV shows, all completely free. Some of the best features include:

It doesn’t get much simpler than that! So if you’re tired of paying a monthly fee to your local cable provider, then check out this article for some hacks to get rid of cable and save some money!


The term free is a relative term. When you go to the movies, you aren’t actually paying the full cost of the ticket, because your ticket comes with advertisements, some of which you might find to be an annoyance. If you’re watching TV shows online, it’s not entirely free—anyone who pays for cable or satellite TV is paying for it indirectly, and if you’re using streaming sites like Hulu or Netflix, then you’re paying for it too (in a way). The question is whether these sites are worth the cost and whether you can get the same entertainment elsewhere.

Clip sites like Fmovies deserve a place in our hearts on this list because they offer something that other sites don’t: ad-free movie and TV show watching. These sites take clips from any number of sources (YouTube, IMDb, and even torrents) and put them all together onto one page so that all you have to do is pick what you want to watch. You don’t have to worry about pop-ups, annoying ads, or random distractions while you’re trying to enjoy your free entertainment. Plus, these clips are often taken from high-quality sources—if there’s ever been speculation about whether pirating a media file or streaming it legally is better in


These online streaming sites for free movies and shows are legal and free of charge. You can watch movies online for free streams without paying anything. Most of these sites allow you to stream from their large collection of movies, recent releases, and popular TV shows

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