17 Modern Eco-Ideas For Your Home

One kilogram of rubbish is produced by each human being on a daily basis; about 2 billion tons of waste is created each year. 16 percent of the population from nations with a good level of life generates a third of all garbage. Furthermore, trash production is expected to rise by a further 70% in the coming years, according to current projections.

However, environmental stewardship is quickly rising to the top of the priority list for many businesses. Moreover, the green economy has the potential to become the dominating sector of the next decade, attracting investment, spawning start-ups, and resulting in significant technical advances.

The use of environmentally friendly materials and new practical solutions is part of the concept ofecofriendlyand can radically transform your life. We, together with Royal Craft Wood, will tell you about several original accessories and interior items. They will make your home modern and environmentally friendly and allow you to go with nature toyou.”

1. Ideas for the bathroom

Cotton towels

This good oldfashioned material is 100 percent organic, pleasant to the touch, and comes in various colors.

Corkwood rug

The bark of the cork tree is considered to be a rapidly renewable material. In addition, it is removed from the tree, practically without harming it. This moistureresistant material prevents mold and bacteria.

Water hyacinth baskets

The dainty baskets, which can be used for storage or as a regular trash can, are made from water hyacinth, one of the fastestgrowing plants in the world. They look great and last a long time.

Hemp bathroom curtains

Hemp fiber is an excellent material for the bathroom: it is a durable, mildewresistant fabric that looks natural and fresh.

2. Ideas for the bedroom

Jacquard bedspreads

An excellent alternative to regular bedspreads is soft jacquard bedspreads made from 100% organic cotton. Despite their weightlessness, they perfectly hold heat and are highly durable.

Ecofriendly mattress

The organic wool mattress, sheared from New Zealand lambs, is considered hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. In addition, it regulates body temperature during sleep.

Bamboo sheets

Made from sustainably sourced bamboo and blended with organic cotton, these sheets are comfortable to the touch so that you can sleep well on them.

Jute carpet

Jute fiber, one of the softest fibers globally, comes from the rapidly growing jute plant. In addition, carpets and carpets made from this material are very durable and bright.

Soy candles

Made from 100% renewable materials, these candles will infuse your bedroom with natural, soothing scents that promote healthy sleep.

3. Ideas for the kitchen

Olive wood crockery

Crockery and cutlery made from olive wood will give your kitchen a cozy feel. Given the varied texture of wood, each device is unique. Their material is obtained exclusively from very young or no longer fruitful trees.

Copper sink

Made from recycled wire, this sink looks very elegant and does a great job of keeping germs out.

Ceramic tableware

If you are looking for an alternative to the usual Teflon, look to ceramic stew pans, pans, and pots: they have a nonstick coating, which, among other things, is also nontoxic.

Energysaving lighting

Unlike cooking, you don’t need bright lights during dinner. Use dimmers to adjust the brightness to change the mood of your kitchen and save energy.

Message board

Bamboo Wall Hanging Message Board is an excellent alternative to the PVC boards we used to leave memos and messages to family members. Bamboo is an ecofriendly material that fits perfectly into the kitchen’s interior. All the words can be easily wiped off with a dry cloth. By the way, you may also take a bamboo cutting board – it will also be more eco-friendly than plastic one. 

4. Ideas for the living room

Ecofriendly plaster

A good option for living room walls is stucco made of clay and other natural materials (such as fine sand or limestone), which does not accumulate dust and contributes to the freshness of the air in the room.

Linen curtains

Do not deprive the room of natural light. Curtains made from 100% linen are efficient, affordable, let in more light, and come in various designs.

Bamboo accessories

Picture frames, panels, vases, planters, shelves, and even bamboo curtains are natural and stylish accessories that will fit into classic and exotic interiors.

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