William D King: The Difference between Immigration Attorneys and Other Lawyers

Many people are confused about the differences between lawyers and immigration attorneys.

While they are both legal professionals, there are some significant differences that set them apart.

This article hopes to shed some light on why you should get an immigration attorney if you have any need for one.

  • Lawyers who deal with business transactions or criminal law cases usually represent their clients in court, but an Immigration Attorney specializes in representing immigrants before the federal government when it comes to matters such as citizenship and residency status naturalization and deportation hearings. Immigration Attorneys can also help with a number of other immigration matters such as getting green cards, filing H-1B visas, and business immigrants.
  • An immigration attorney knows the rules regarding immigration very well. The majority of them usually have several years of experience in immigration law before they establish their own practice. An Immigration Attorney has a thorough knowledge of the U.S legal system and is familiar with all laws related to immigration. They are aware of how different jurisdictions work which would be helpful if you have to go from one city to another during your court proceedings. In addition to being proficient in-laws, an Immigration Attorney is also familiar with evidence standards and case precedents that will help them handle complex cases easily.
  • Thus, it can be argued that a good immigration attorney is better equipped to deal with immigration-related matters than a standard lawyer or attorney.
  • Immigration Attorney also specializes in preparing legal documents, processing cases, and providing advice on the best way to solve a particular situation. Attorneys who have specialized in Immigration Law are more likely to offer appointments during weekends as well as after regular working hours, unlike other attorneys whose work schedules may be restricted to normal business hours. With an outstanding understanding of laws and regulations, an immigration attorney has the ability to help you settle the case faster with less stress.
  • An experienced lawyer knows how to present your case properly which would result in reduced charges if not getting rid of them altogether – thus saving you money! it is easier for an attorney to get a case dismissed or charges reduced as they have both the knowledge and experience needed to make it happen. Unlike common lawyers who offer general consultations, immigration attorneys usually offer free initial consultations because of their expertise in handling immigration cases.
  • An immigration lawyer would help you file petitions as well as handle paperwork on your behalf, thus saving you from the extra work that comes with being an immigrant applicant. In addition to taking away all your worries, an experienced attorney helps you stay calm and collected so you can concentrate on other important things such as family and yourself rather than worrying about what is going to happen next. By using the services of a good attorney, one will be assured of receiving accurate information which is necessary when dealing with legal procedures.
  • According to William D King in some cases, an immigration attorney may be able to get the green card back after it has been rejected. Therefore, by hiring a skilled lawyer you can have more chances of success in your case.
  • An experienced Immigration Attorney would prepare you for what is going to happen next; they will acquaint you with all rules and regulations that are involved so there are no surprises later on.
  • When it comes down to it, engaging an immigration lawyer is not just about getting information regarding different legal procedures but also knowing how to handle certain situations through preparation. An experienced immigration attorney knows which arguments are most likely to succeed or fail depending on your situation. This makes them better at dealing with cases that require in-depth analysis in comparison to attorneys who don’t specialize in immigration law.


If you and your loved ones are living in the United States of America as an immigrant, then consulting an immigration lawyer is a good idea. A skilled attorney would help with filing petitions for green cards as well as citizenship; they will also provide you with a free consultation to discuss your case and specific problems that pertain to your situation.

You need someone that understands how things work as an immigrant – which means hiring a specialized attorney who specializes in immigration law would be more beneficial compared to consulting an attorney who does not have any experience with this particular field of law. With a better understanding of laws related to immigration, choosing a lawyer specializing in immigration law helps ensure a final positive result for your case, thus saving you from years of stress and unnecessary court fees.

Finally, it is important to note that even though a non-immigration lawyer may be able to represent you in an immigration case, their expertise is limited and fees for a consultation will be much higher than a specialized attorney says William D King. As such, hiring a general law practitioner could pose risks both in terms of financial costs as well as the time needed to present your case properly. Therefore, if you are planning on coming to America or just wish to stay here for good then consulting an immigration attorney would help enhance the chances of success.

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