Why To Choose Markets.Com? Review And Details & Benefits


Markets.com is a multi-asset broker that lets retail traders trade in Contracts-for-Difference (CFD), Forex, and other derivatives.

According to the following Markets.com review, it is a good choice for traders who want a reliable, regulated online broker with a huge list of CFDs to trade at competitive spreads.

Readers will find the important facts about the broker and talk about its biggest strengths and weaknesses here.

Why Would You Pick Markets.com?

  • Markets.com lets you trade on your phone like the other best forex brokers in the world.
  • Markets.com has a trading platform that has everything you need to trade. You can get to it through a web browser.
  • The dashboard and platform are also fully responsive and can be used on mobile and tablet devices (iOS and Android).
  • Find assets and make a chart of them.
  • The mobile platform unique to Markets.com lets you browse to find your favorite asset classes or currency pairs.
  • Traders can choose whether they want one chart or two next to each other.

Making Trades On A Mobile Device

Like the Markets.com platform on the web, the mobile app lets you make trades with just a few clicks.

The Cell Phone Menu

Traders who use the Markets.com mobile platform can get to all of Markets.com’s features with one click from the menu.

Here are some of them:

  1. Notification center for my account
  2. Watchlist
  3. Invest mode
  4. Open positions Orders
  5. Center for Verification and Management of Funds Trading Tools
  6. At the bottom of the menu, you can see the overall financial status of your account. This includes the account balance, equity, free margin, and net profit or loss.

Markets.Com As A Whole Mobile Trading

When you use the mobile trading app, all of the features of Markets.com are still there. The user interface lets you make a trade with a tap and a swipe of your thumb. Both Apple iPhones and Android phones can use the app.

The mobile app also has a lot of information about trading, including live, interactive content from experts in the field that is streamed regularly. From the mobile menu, you can also access tools for social trading.

If you prefer to trade with software other than Markets.com, you can use Metatrader 4 or 5, both fully responsive trading applications.

Useful Features Of Markets.Com

Some of the basic things that are worth pointing out are:

  1. Favorites List

You can also change how your favorites and watchlist look from the main dashboard. Traders have to click on the star.

  • Notifications

Traders can activate the bell icon to get updates on how the market is moving for a certain asset.

Negative Balance Protection is a promise that you can’t lose more money than you put in.

Some of the more advanced features on the ticket will be useful for traders with more experience.

  • Color-Coded Indicators

The design is colorful and includes “sentiment” features that make it easy for a trader to see if other traders on the platform are buying or selling the instrument.

Stop-Loss and Profit Condition:

Traders can also check a box and add the prices to stop loss and take profit conditions to their orders.

  • Separated Ticket Trades

Tickets for events that may or may not happen are traded separately from other items.

Note: A trader can’t change a stop loss or take profit level after adding it to the order.

  • Parts of a Chart

Nearly 100 technical analysis indicators are available on the Markets.com platform, which is more than many similar platforms offer.

The Markets.com platform also has indicators that can be used to predict the market’s direction. This lets traders automate their technical analysis. Also, sentiment tools are built into the charts, so traders can find out what people think about the market while looking at charts.

On mobile, you can use both single-chart and multi-chart tools. See the review of the mobile platform for more information and screenshots.

  • Dashboard Screen

The trader’s orders and stops are also shown on the charting software’s screen, a very nice feature not found on many other platforms.

There is always a chart on the dashboard; traders can also search their positions and watchlists or bring up a trading ticket while still looking at the chart.

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