Which Ethical Hacking Certification To Pursue in 2024?

The terror attacks in many countries have changed the world. As a result, a new threat emerged in the cyber world. Electronic Commerce Consultants or EC-Council was formed to monitor and prevent cyber-attacks. EC-Council provides cyber-security education and builds various standards to guard the information security space.

Ethical Hacking: Who can benefit?

There is a lot of interest amongst professionals to get cyber security certification. Along with cyber security certified professionals, certified ethical hackers are also in demand today.

Career options that can get a boost with an ethical hacker certification include:

  • Information Security analyst or Security administrator
  • Information Assurance Security officer
  • Information Security Manager or Security specialist
  • Information Systems Security Engineer or Security manager
  • Information Security professionals or Security officers
  • Information Security auditors
  • Risk/threat/vulnerability analyst
  • System administrators
  • Network administrators and engineers
  • Systems Analyst

Ethical hacker certification: What are the benefits?

The students get to learn the practical concepts of hacking in the course. Some of the objectives of the course are:

  • Trains students to manage information security
  • Trains them to deal with virus and trojan
  • Understanding of virus codes and malware
  • Latest developments in technology
  • Hacking concepts

Ethical hacker certification: Which one is right for me?

If you’re exploring to become a certified ethical hacker, you should find out which course is right for you in terms of your career development. If you want to become penetration testers or security analysts and take that career path to become an ethical hacking, you need some certification and specific hours of training. Accordingly, find out which works best for you based on your interest and future career path. Kindly visit Best Digital Marketing training in Delhi.

One of the initial certifications to be designed, the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification, is a good starting point. 

Requirements and details of CEH certification: 

  • Become CEH-certified after passing a 125 multiple choice questions examination, accredited by the American National Standards Institute referred to CEH (ANSI) examination.
  • The examination could be in-person at a Pearson VUE testing center or online 
  • Some of the examination topics include Information security and ethical hacking overview, Reconnaissance techniques, System hacking phases, and attack techniques, Mobile platform, IoT and OT hacking, Network and perimeter hacking, Web application hacking, Wireless network hacking, Cloud computing, and Cryptography.
  • The time given for this examination is 4 hours
  • Work experience for two or more years in ethical hacking or an EC-Council approved CEH training course with its training partners who can provide in-person courses in an academic or corporate context
  • Take live online courses to help with the topics
  • Study guides and books on the topics  
  • Get a CEH Master status by taking the CEH practical examination involving 20 challenges on a live network of virtual machines 
  • The time given for this examination is 6 hours
  • This examination is taken in the EC-Council’s iLabs Cyber Range, a virtualized environment that can be accessed from one’s home in the personal browser.
  • The CEH Practical examination includes topics like Port scanning tools (e.g., hoping, Nmap), Vulnerability detection, Attacks on a system (e.g., DoS, DDoS, session hijacking, web server and web application attacks, Web application security tools (e.g., Acunetix WVS), SQL injection, wireless threats), SQL injection methodology and evasion techniques, SQL injection detection tools (e.g., IBM Security AppScan), and Communication protocols
  • Cost for the examinations vary and could change beyond the US$100 application fees, so EC-Council updates can guide one when ready to take any of the two examinations. Picuki is a free portal to browse Instagram content without having any account. If you are a digital marketer and want to know what is trending, do check out this website.


As a certified ethical hacker, you would be able to find bugs in codes or find weaknesses in cyber defenses and prevent potential victims by warning them in time. More and more organizations agree that it’s better to have in-house hackers probing their defenses for weaknesses and encourage freelance ethical hackers to find problems they may have overlooked.

Thus, the insights gained are meaningfully and ethically implemented to improve security measures in an academic or corporate setting. The ethical hacker certification can help with job search and make your application stand out even if it does not guarantee success. EC-Council does make the term hacker more respectable and reassuring at the same time.

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