When Is Maid Service Worth It?

Like most people, you probably expend more effort, time and energy on household chores than you would like. Maybe you even daydream about having “staff” to handle all those pesky cleaning duties so you can just live your life. However, you may wonder if professional housekeeping service is really worth the expense. What fits into your household budget is for you to decide, but there are definitely factors that can make hiring a cleaning service easy to justify.

When the Job Is Bigger Than Usual

When the cleanup you need involves more than your typical weekly housework, you may be tempted to call in a professional cleaning crew. For example, a top-to-bottom deep cleaning might be in order before you host a large event like a holiday gathering. On the other hand, you may want to call in the experts the day after your big get-together to help you put things back in order. When it comes to choosing professional help over doing it yourself, a big move is an even better reason than a big party. If you’re about to relocate to a new place, move out cleaning services can save your sanity; if you’re a renter, it may even help ensure the return of your security deposit! Also, don’t overlook the value of expert cleaning when staging your house to be put on the market.

When You Have Limited Time

While saving yourself labor and hassle may be your number one motivation to hire professional cleaners, saving your precious time has got to be a close second. No matter how many clever tricks to streamline your schedule you employ, there are still only so many hours in the day. You have to prioritize to make the best use of your time, and chances are that time spent on your family, health, or career objectives will rank higher than a tidy house. Knowing exactly what you’ll do with that reclaimed time may help you give yourself permission to “splurge” on a little household help. Recovering a bit of your day from household chores can make you feel happier about your life, not just your house.

When You Have Physical Limitations

Many people consider regular maid service to be something of a luxury, but it can be a necessity if you have physical disabilities or a debilitating chronic illness. Mobility challenges or chronic pain can make routine cleaning tasks impossible or even dangerous for you. When much of your time is taken up with health maintenance, the hours saved by having a cleaning service will seem even more precious. Quality of life issues often take on a greater significance when you’re disabled or chronically ill. In that context, professional cleaners who relieve one of the daily burdens of life can truly seem like angels of mercy.

Even if you have family or roommates to help, you can quickly grow to resent the daily cycle of dishes, laundry, and general tidying. When you have an unusually large cleanup, are extra-short on time, or face health and mobility hurdles, hiring house cleaners can relieve both your stress and your mess.

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