What to Expect Before and After Whether you simply want to increase the fullness of your lips

Lip Filler

If you are considering plumping up your pout, you may be starting some research into lip filler. Lip fillers add volume to your lips through the injection of synthetic hyaluronic acid. Whether you simply want to increase the fullness of your lips, correct the shape of your lips, or minimize the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth, lip fillers can meet all of these needs.

Lip fillers last about a year to a year-and-a-half, depending on your body’s response to the fillers and how quickly your body breaks down the fillers. If this sounds appealing, you may want to get in touch with a plastic surgeon for more specific information, and read on for what to expect before and after lip filler:

Before: Be Sure You Meet the Qualifications for the Procedure

Like any other medical procedure, even relatively non-invasive ones such as receiving injections of lip filler, there are certain qualifications that candidates need to meet. To qualify for lip fillers, you must be healthy, have a pragmatic outlook regarding expected results, and not have any active oral infection. Not having any one of these qualifications will disqualify you from the procedure.

Before: Meet with a Plastic Surgeon for an Initial Consultation

If you meet the basic qualifications, you can schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon (or a dermatologist who offers lip fillers). The doctor will do several things at this visit including assessing your physical health, reasons for wanting the procedure, and any risk factors you may have.

The doctor will also examine the shape of your face, measure it, and take photos for your medical records. Your doctor may also ask you to provide a detailed description or even show an example picture of what you would want your ideal final results to look like.

Once you have met with a provider, and they have determined that you meet the qualifications, you will be able to schedule your procedure. The procedure itself involves the plastic surgeon applying a topical anesthetic, waiting 30 minutes to ensure the lips are numb, and then injecting the filler with a thin needle into several parts of your lips. The doctor may apply an ice pack during the procedure, and the procedure could last from half an hour up to tw hours.

After: Ice, Monitoring, and Swelling

Immediately after the procedure is over, the plastic surgeon may massage your lips and may continue to apply ice to reduce swelling and bruising. You will be monitored for about fifteen minutes to ensure that you don’t have a negative reaction to the fillers. Then, you will be able to leave. You could technically drive yourself home, since only topical anesthetic was used, but you may prefer to have a friend drive you.

Your lips may feel swollen, generally for one to two days, but possibly up to one week. To reduce swelling and irritation and aid with healing, you can apply ice, avoid applying any products to the lips, and generally be careful about touching your lips, including being careful with teeth brushing. You will probably be asked to drink plenty of water and avoid exercising for a day or two.

Finally, your plastic surgeon will schedule a follow-up appointment for about two weeks after your procedure. They will examine your lips to ensure they are healing properly and may take another photo for your medical records as a comparison to the first photo. Ideally, you will be happy with the results and ready to pucker your new pout for some pictures!

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