What is the Reason for Heavy Padding in Boxing Gloves?


Padded gloves have several purposes in boxing. It’s important for fighters to have padded gloves in order to protect their hands and keep them safe in the ring. Let’s take a closer look at why custom boxing gloves are padded and why padding is so important.

The history of boxing gloves is a long, twisted tale. In the early 18th century, bare-knuckle boxing matches were incredibly brutal; fighters often suffered serious injuries or even death. So, someone came up with the idea of using padded gloves to help reduce the severity of these injuries

Jack Broughton was a bare-knuckle boxer who, in 1743, invented the first boxing glove. He did so after killing a man in the ring and realizing that his hands were unprotected. Prior to that, boxers fought with cloth or leather strips wrapped around their hands.

In t early days of boxing, boxers used to fight bare-knuckled. They wore gloves made of cowhide with heavy padding on their knuckles. The headgear they wore protected them from getting hurt and from breaking their bones. But it didn’t do anything to protect their opponents from getting injured either. So boxers started to wear padded headgear too.

Today, boxing gloves are made from a variety of materials, including leather and vinyl. Gloves range in size from four ounces for minimum protection to six or eight ounces for competition fighting.

Although modern boxing gloves look different from the original Broughton-style cowhide gloves, they are designed with the same principle in mind: to protect the fighter’s hands while also protecting their opponent.

Purpose of padding in boxing gloves 

Padding increases the size of a boxer’s fist so he can better grip his opponent and manipulate his punches with more power. It also protects his knuckles, wrists, and hands from any blow.

Punching takes a lot of force, so boxers would be at risk of injuring their hands if they didn’t have gloves. The gloves absorb some of the impacts from punches and protect their hands

Boxing gloves are padded to protect both the person delivering a punch and the person receiving it. Padding helps cushion the impact of blows and reduces the chances of getting injured.

Therefore you must buy boxing gloves to protect yourself and your opponent from severe injuries. And if you are planning to practice on a heavy bag then there is no way out rather than using custom boxing gloves.

Buy boxing gloves for heavy bags

It’s best to buy 12-ounce and 14-ounce boxing gloves when hitting a heavy bag. The 12-ounce gloves will give you the feel of sparring without protecting your hands as well, while the 14-ounce gloves will protect your knuckles better than lighter ones

If you are training with a heavy bag, choose 10-ounce gloves to punch faster and harder than with other gloves. This will help you train for powerful and hard-hitting boxing matches

Wholesale Boxing Gear is a great place to get custom boxing gloves if you’re looking for gloves in every size. They have reasonable prices, starting at only $100 per pair. You can also buy other boxing equipment from them, including headgear and protective gear.

Pros and cons of lightly padded boxing gloves 

Following are the pros and cons of lightly padded boxing gloves:


  •  You can feel the punching bag better with gloves; this helps you perfect your technique.
  •  They help to build up your strength in your hands and wrists.
  •  They help to make your hand movements faster.
  •  The lack of padding in boxing gloves allows you to feel your opponent’s punches more clearly, giving you an advantage in defense.
  •  Punching bags are a great way to build up your hand speed, as you have to punch quickly and accurately to avoid hitting the padding.
  •  Less padded gloves can make it difficult to hit your target accurately.
  •  In addition, they help increase your strength, as you have to exert more force to make contact with the bag.


  • Many boxers prefer the feel of unpadded gloves over the traditional variety, but since these gloves offer less cushioning for the knuckles and joints, they can lead to more hand and joint injuries.
  • They offer less hand and wrist protection.
  •  Gloves make it harder to land punches, providing you with less impact when you do.
  •  They don’t protect your opponent’s face as well as boxing gloves.
  •  On the other hand, they may not be as comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
  •  Finally, they can interfere with your ability to grip the opponent or other objects firmly.

Pros and cons of heavily padded boxing gloves

Following are the pros and cons of heavily padded boxing gloves:


  •  Padded gloves help protect your hands and wrists, and they also soften the impact when you punch.
  •  They also help you to grip the punching bag better, which will increase your power and accuracy.
  •  They absorb some of the shock, which makes it easier to punch harder.
  •  Padding can help you avoid injury if you accidentally bump your opponent’s head during a competition.
  •  Superb padded gloves help to cushion your punches, which can help you to avoid injury and pain.


  •  It can be hard to tell if you are being punched when your gloves are well padded.
  •  They can also slow your punches down and make them less powerful. 
  •  They can limit your range of motion and cause you to strike at a weaker angle.
  •  They can also be hot and sweaty, which isn’t always comfortable.

When deciding on a pair of custom boxing gloves, it is important to understand the level of protection that each pair offers. While price should be considered, more important factors include the gloves’ weight, padding, and design. Always know your needs and goals before purchasing a pair of boxing gloves to ensure that you get what is best for you.

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