What Is Location Based Marketing and How Does It Work in Practice?

When you operate a business, how do you attract business to your location? Innovative marketing that focuses on building visibility in your area is key to generating customers. You’ll be able to make sure an internet query leads them to your brand.

Read on to learn what location based marketing is and how it works!

Consider Your Geographic Footprint

Do you cater weddings and holiday parties in Boston? Or do you operate an IT consulting business with reach across all of southern California? One of your first steps as a small business owner should be to determine what area you need to reach.

Then consider your existing marketing plan. Generic ads and posts may not be yielding strong returns. And if you’re not optimizing SEO in your social media presence, it’s time to make some changes.

Understand What Location Based Marketing Is

Location based marketing involves using technology to target potential consumers in your area. Rather than sending out ads blindly, you can focus on getting your ads to appear on the phones and tablets of local consumers. This happens courtesy of technology’s ability to track a person’s most recent location.

When it comes to types of marketing, you should not overlook the value of a location based marketing strategy. As a small business owner, it should be in your business plan and broader marketing strategy.

Launch a Targeted Innovative Marketing Campaign

Once you understand what location based marketing is, the next step is to take advantage of it. And if you get some help here with planning your killer content, you’ll see a return on investment. Use a strategy that encompasses SEO, hashtags, ads, geotargeting, and offline engagement.

Through practices like geotargeting, you can use someone’s IP address so your company pops up in their search. For example, suppose you own a plumbing business in Cleveland. If a person in Cleveland searches for a plumber, your brand will show up as a local option.

Focus on Online Strategies to Create Killer Content

Use hashtags to your advantage. Maybe you operate a cafe or restaurant. If you tag your geographic location on Facebook or Instagram posts, locals and travelers will find you.

An online ad campaign through a social media platform can target your region, too. You can save resources by specifying that your ads only reach accounts within a defined geographic area. This way you won’t waste your dollars on the wrong people.

Add Offline Strategies as a Small Business Owner

Types of marketing also include paper-based, offline strategies. This can mean sending postcards or magnets to potential clients in your zip code. And you’ll want to time your flyers or email blasts according to your business seasons.

For instance, a construction business may want to advertise deals on services in the winter months, when business is slower. Another marketing strategy is to schedule follow-up emails a month after a transaction.

Get the Business You Need

With a strong location based marketing strategy, you can attract relevant customers. Aim to choose and use the most focused keywords in your approach to SEO. And with online ads tailored to your geographic area, you’ll start building brand visibility.

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