What Is Ice Guard For Metal Roofing And Why You Need To Install It?

What Is Ice Guard For Metal Roofing And Why You Need To Install It?

For the majority of people, the winter season is no more than coldness and snow everywhere on their homes, roofs, roads, and gardens. Some love it, but some do not. However, whether you like it or not, snow is one of the unavoidable parts of the winter season. So if you are living in a region that is prone to snow and your home roof is made up of metal, then you must consider installing an ice guard. Ice guard for metal roofing helps to protect your metal roofs.

What are ice guards?

They are basically devices that are used to melt the snow or ice on your rooftop and drift it off your rooftop in a small amount. If you do not install these guards on your metal roof system, then the possibility is your roof will be prone to roof avalanches.

When your roof suddenly releases snow and ice, it will cause potential damage to your lower roof areas, skylights, and gutters.

When will you need to install ice guards?

If you are living in an area that is susceptible to snow and your home rooftop is made with metal, then it is high time to install ice guards.

When snow collects on your roof, it starts forming ice dams, and as a result, snow becomes heavier, and your roof might be susceptible to cave-ins.

Mainly, the ice guards are designed to keep the roof unbroken and undamaged. So if you are experiencing snow or ice falling off your roof, then yes, you are in need of installing ice guards on your metal roofs.

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How is ice guards installed?

When you decide to install the ice guards on your metal rooftop, it is highly recommended that you should refer to any installation and instruction guides given by the manufacturer.

Basically, there are two most common ways to install snow guards on the rooftop. Either you can mechanically attach the snow guards on the roof with the help of clamps or use adhesives to attach them.

It is suggested to use the clamp method as it is easier and effective to use. Plus, it is also recommended because this method would not require any unnecessary penetrations to your metal roof.

There are various types of ice guards available in the market today. Each type of snow guard has its unique features and benefits. Different types of ice guards are designed for different types of metal roofs. The most common type of metal roof is a standing seam roof.

Therefore, when you decide to install them on your metal roof, you should consider your roof’s specifications. Read the given instructions of each ice guard type and then install accordingly.

So this is how an ice guard for metal roofing works and why it is important for you to install it on your metal roof.  

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