What Is Hotel Style Bedding?

How to create hotel-style bedding depends on varying factors that include hotel bedding budget and requirements. Every hotel has its own style that resonates with the guests and makes an impression on them. A budgeted property will probably not have anything other than a bedsheet, pillow, and blanket. While a luxury bedding style would include high-end sheets, multiple pillows, a top sheet, a bed skirt, and a duvet. You need to understand what is hotel-style bedding works best for your hotel and source the related products. For the best hotel bedding, you can source everything you need from standard and luxury hotel bedding suppliers such as DZEE Textiles. They have everything you need from luxury hotel bedding sets and more.  

Hotel-style bedding is essentially everything a hotel uses to make a bed for their addition to the guest comfort and add value to their guest bed. 

What to Look for in Hotel Bedding?

When choosing luxury hotel bedding sets and related bedding products you need to look into a few product characteristics and then select your standard or luxury hotel bedding suppliers. How to create hotel style bedding with maximum comfort for your guests are dependent on the following factors. 

Bedding Quality & feel

Polyester and polycotton bedding are usually low in quality and used by hotels on a budget. They are a much more durable option as the polyester material is stronger in comparison to cotton material. Though high-end and upscale hotel properties usually opt for the more comfortable option which is 100% cotton manufactured products. This is because they feel softer and even look better in comparison to polyester and polycotton products. 

What is hotel style bedding for a particular hotel depends on the quality of products they are purchasing. 

Longevity & Product Durability

Whether you’re investing in standard or luxury hotel bedding sets; you want them to last for a significant period of time. Usually, standard products manufactured using polycotton material is much more durable as polyester is a much stronger material. Hence, the products manufactured using polyester material are more resistant to the daily wear and tear. Though specific weave and stitching technology is used to increase strength of cotton bedding. When you source your products from the luxury hotel bedding suppliers you get your hands on durable products that do not require consistent replacements. 

How to create hotel style bedding depends on the product durability as you don’t want things to tear while in guest use. 

Housekeeping Management 

Whether purchasing standard or luxury hotel bedding sets you need to check that the standard and; luxury hotel bedding suppliers have mentioned if the products are institutional laundering resistant or not. If the products you’re purchasing can be institutionally laundered, it means, they are much simple and easy for the housekeeping staff to manage. Otherwise, they would have to put in extra effort to clean them properly; which would cost the hotel extra. You should also opt for material that is anti-crease and anti-pilling. As these features would ensure that the bedding would always look fresh and not be scratchy for the guests. 

Standard and luxury hotel bedding sets with higher thread count; are much easier to manage as they are much stronger in comparison to sheets with lower thread count. 

Adding Value to Your Hotel

Whether you purchase standard or luxury hotel bedding, it needs to add value to your guest room. The product price, quality, management, and durability all add value to the hotel. Along with them, you also need to ensure your guest bed is comfortable and your guests are happy during their stay. If you don’t take these factors into consideration while making your standard or luxury hotel bedding sets purchases; you will make the wrong bedding investment. All luxury hotel bedding suppliers have the features mentioned on their website. You have to read and understand which features actually are beneficial for your hotel property. 

If the bedding products don’t add value to the hotel room, guests will not be satisfied with their stay; and it would be a waste for the hotel to be paying a large sum to suppliers that cannot add value to their hotel. 

How to Create Hotel Style Bedding?

Depending on your hotel you can first place a mattress protector and then add on a bedsheet; or start directly with the bedsheet on the mattress. Then place the blanket of your choice and then the pillow if you’re a standard hotel. As a luxury hotel, you can add a top sheet over the blanket or duvet, and put a runner across the bed. Finally, you should arrange the pillows and that’s it. 

What is hotel style bedding is very subjective to a hotel as every hotel has its own style. Most standard or luxury hotel bedding sets are purchased based on those hotel requirements through luxury hotel bedding suppliers; who match your hotel requirements. How to create hotel style bedding according to your hotel property? Let us know in the comments below. 


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