What Is Blue World and What Are Its Features?

The age-old relationship between Pakistan and China is currently reaching new heights in every industry in both countries. Similarly, local developers Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and Imperium Group of Companies, as well as Chinese developers Shah Jian Municipal Engineering Company, are now entering the real estate market with their latest project, Blue World City Islamabad. This collaboration gave rise to a new term for this Islamabad housing scheme: Pak-China friendly society.

How Convenient Is the Blue World City Location?

What more does a housing society need than a variety of access points? One of the most appealing qualities of this new housing society is its location, which offers several entry points. Blue World City Islamabad is located in MozaSihal on the major Chakri Road, next to the Chakri Interchange. The BWC is situated on the edges of the Lahore – Islamabad Motorway, close to the CPEC route, the New Islamabad International Airport, and the Chakri Interchange, with access via Chakri Road.

Blue World City is approximately 70 kilometers from Zero Point. The Kashmir Highway will take you right to the Motorway. The Chakri M2 Toll Plaza, 13 minutes from Blue World City Islamabad on the way to Lahore, will be present. After passing through this toll plaza, take the M2 Motorway on the left, since the route on the right leads to Peshawar. After that, take the first left onto Chakri Road. After approaching the Chakri area, turn right. You would next arrive at Blue World City Islamabad.

Is the Blue World City RDA Approved?

The project started with RDA preliminary planning approval for 427 Kanal of land. RDA has already approved an additional stretch of land comprising approximately 1500 Kanal. After a time, it became clear that Blue World City Islamabad was illegal. In response, the owners of Blue World City filed a lawsuit against RDA in 2020.

In that case, Blue World City Islamabad fought RDA over the Blue World City NOC, and the Rawalpindi Session Court decided in favor of the housing organization. It was a huge triumph for Blue World City’s owners, who hoped to widen their sphere of influence by including additional land in the project. This project is on track to become an RDA-approved housing society soon. It suggests that the housing society will be authorized soon and will deliver the highest rewards to its investors.

Blue World City Features

In addition, various cultural complexes are being created in this community to showcase Pakistan’s diverse traditions. The main Blue World City gate was constructed with Chinese traditional styles in mind, and it has become a symbol of Pak-China friendship in the Pakistan real estate business.

  • Water Theme Park

As Blue World City Islamabad develops into the leading tourism destination in Islamabad, an excellent Water Theme Park, as well as a variety of other exotic and thematic tourism sites, are planned. These tourist elements of Blue World City Islamabad are projected to draw thousands of visitors, adding to the society’s huge reputation as an innovative housing society in Islamabad.

  • Blue Mosque Istanbul Replica

Blue World City housing society is also introducing a magnificent copy of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque to promote Islamic culture and calligraphy. This project has already begun, and it is regarded as one of the most prominent real estate characteristics in Blue World City. This Mosque would be the apex of Islamic culture and civilization in Pakistan’s capital city.

  • A Secure and Gated Community

Blue World City Islamabad is planned to be a safe and gated community replete with all educational, medical, and recreational amenities. Blue World City Islamabad inhabitants have access to a wide range of amenities designed to meet their day-to-day requirements and desires. Furthermore, security features such as facial recognition and round-the-clock surveillance will be provided.

  • Cultural Complexes and Sports

Because Blue World Metropolis is regarded as a Pak-China-friendly city, a variety of cultural complexes are planned to display both Pakistani and Chinese culture. In addition, Blue World City is investing in a variety of parks and sports venues for the community’s young and older citizens. This will create a healthy living environment for the occupants.

  • Water Filtration and Sewerage

Blue World City developers have prioritized the construction of water filtration facilities to supply inhabitants with clean water and adequate sewage. Sewerage treatment plants are set to be erected to ensure that an environmentally friendly and sanitary system is developed for the residents of this profitable housing development in Islamabad.

  • A Convenient Road Network

Blue World management has begun building on a large road network that will connect all areas of this housing complex by carpeted highways. Roads can be 40 feet wide to 120 feet wide, with up-to-date traffic lights, walkways, and adequate pedestrian sidewalks. A large road infrastructure would provide a smooth flow of traffic for the inhabitants.

  • Variety of Blue World City Commercial Plots

The public is drawn to a civilization that has everything under one roof. Blue World City Islamabad features educational institutes with cutting-edge technology. The value is maintained since the CPEC route passes close to Blue World City. As a result, we may infer that the future is promising for investors.

  • Underground Supply of Electricity

Another aspect that is used is an underground power source. This is not just a feature, but also a requirement of the hour to make society’s general environment safe and secure. To elaborate, there will be no need to be concerned about heavy wires dangling from the enormous towers. Additionally, this will keep the surroundings clean and neat, making Blue World City Islamabad appear magical and well-organized.

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