What Are the Ways to Get the Perfect MDF Cut to Size?


There are basically many ways for cut to size MDF. It totally depends on the requirement and amount of MDF cut to size which one to choose. They are listed below:

Table saw

When using a table saw for MDF, ensure that the teeth on the blade are high enough to get a perfect cut. Despite the fact that MDF tends to chip, high-toothed blades are less likely to chip. The downside of these high-toothed blades is that they produce a lot of dust, which can interfere with the motor and cause problems. A good way to avoid this problem is to keep the dust collection process clean. If you have a power saw, you may also want to consider using a jigsaw. A jigsaw blade should have multiple teeth, which will make the material easier to cut through. However, be sure to choose a blade designed for cutting metal. Those with heavy teeth may leave a rough edge on the piece. Make sure to keep the blade sharp and hone the saw carefully to avoid damaging the edges. You should also have a circular saw on hand if you plan to cut MDF. This saw allows you to cut long, straight lines and is the best choice for long straight cuts. Make sure you buy the right blade for MDF, too. Steel blades tend to dull easily, so you should purchase a carbide-tipped blade instead. It is also advisable to purchase a variable-speed, battery-powered circular saw.

circular saw

Once you have established the right length, you can proceed to cutting the MDF to size. Before cutting the MDF, use a utility knife to score the cut line. This is similar to drilling a pilot hole for a screw. If you are using a straightedge guide, be sure to mark the edge with a fine line. Then, clamp the fence into position. Before using a circular saw to cut to size MDF, ensure that you choose the right blade for the job. MDF is a dense material, and you need a saw that has a thin kerf. You can mark the line with a utility knife blade, but be sure to use a saw blade with a carbide tip. It’s essential that you run the saw slowly, without applying too much pressure to the surface. After you have marked the edge of the MDF board, set it on a sturdy table and mark the shape with a pencil. For curved cuts, a drafting compass is useful. Then, line up the blade with the marked line. Now, you’re ready to begin the cutting process. Make sure to clean the working table before starting. Once you have marked the lines, take your time and make sure the blade is aligned with the marked line.


To prevent tear-off and fibres, use blades with 7 to 12 TPI. The lower TPI works best for rough cuts, but higher TPI will increase precision. Choose blades with 12 TPI for curved cuts through MDF. Their narrow width will allow you to manipulate them around corners. Ensure that you remove any protective coverings or sheets before beginning the project. You can safely use a jigsaw to cut MDF. Make sure to wear protective clothing when cutting MDF or even plywood cut to size. The dust produced during the cutting process is potentially harmful to your health, especially for children. Therefore, wear long-sleeve shirts when cutting MDF. Long-sleeved shirts also prevent the risk of catching your shirt in the blade. This way, you’ll avoid scraping up your shirt against the MDF and will also minimize the risk of being scratched. Before starting your MDF project, it’s essential to protect yourself. Wear heavy-duty gloves and goggles to avoid injuries. The material sheds a lot of dust, so it’s best to wear goggles when cutting MDF. A blade with 6 to 10 TPI is best for this job. It’s also important to use a blade that’s at least one inch longer than the thickness of the MDF.

Cutting MDF by hand

If you are not using any of the other three methods above, you can always cut to size MDF by hand. A sharp knife can be used to score the surface of the MDF board. However, you must be careful to score the surface of the wood to avoid splinters. If you do not score the surface, the MDF will become brittle and prone to cracking. Make sure to use a sharp-edged knife for this task. If you plan to use a saw to cut MDF, make sure to purchase one with variable speed. Using a circular saw or a table saw is another option.

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