What are the Personality Traits of a Good Dentist?

A dentist or a dental surgeon specialises in diagnosing, preventing, and treating ailments of the oral cavity. Simply put, a dentist is responsible for maintaining your oral well-being. However, you should know that not all dentists are good enough to treat your dental problems.

When looking for a Narrabeen Dentist, you should know the personality traits that make a good dentist. In this article, we have enlisted some unique characteristics of a good dentist.

6 Traits of a Good Dentist

Comfortable with Personal Interaction

A professional dentist will be comfortable with being close to their patients despite patients having bad breath.

They understand the significance of preventive care and, thus, strive to provide superior services to their patients, no matter how close they need to go to their patients to examine, clean, or treat teeth. 

Easy to Communicate to

A professional dentist tries to learn about their patients personally before crafting a tailored treatment plan.

Additionally, personal communication between the Narrabeen Dentist and the patient before the treatment makes patients feel more comfortable. They try to understand what you are going through to help better alleviate your pain and discomfort.

It puts the patient’s mind at ease and makes them feel that the dentist has their best interest at heart.

Experienced dentists communicate smoothly with not only their patients but also other dental professionals to provide you with a comprehensive dental experience.


Choosing a dental professional you trust to care for your oral health will be best. Dentists have a degree in medicine and years of experience in treating various oral health issues.

They are skilled at diagnosing problems and treating them before they become severe. Most importantly, they are trained in working with sharp metal objects in their patients’ mouths.

So, you can trust a trained and experienced dentist to try his best not to hurt you and take necessary precautions to make your experience pain-free.

Detail Oriented

Your mouth is a tiny space to work on, so you should look for a detail-oriented dentist. Such a dentist will know that the minor misalignment of something in your mouth can affect your tooth, gum, and bite health.

Moreover, a detail-oriented dentist will spend enough time understanding your needs, learning about your dental history and seeking consultation from other dental professionals before planning the Veneers Procedure or any other dental treatment for your dental problem.


Artistic dentists use their creative skills to provide superior-quality dental care to their patients. 

They use their mastery and the techniques unique to their profession to help patients maintain proper oral health.

Such professionals might do this by painting on tooth enamel to make your teeth whiter or recreating missing teeth using ceramic, porcelain, or other materials.

Other artists might create sculptures from natural materials like resin, bone, ivory, metal, etc., and artistic dentists mould these sculptures into specific shapes for implant placement or restoring your lost teeth.

A Leader

Dentists often work as a team to treat their patient’s dental problems, so they are natural leaders. They might lead not only a team of professional dental hygienists, assistants, and technicians but also other employees in the practice, like receptionists.


Dentists today need much more than their qualifications and skills to treat their patients. A great dentist with various skills and above-discussed characteristics can accurately diagnose patients’ oral health problems while limiting patient discomfort.

So, when looking for a dentist for teeth cleaning, veneers procedure, or any other dental need, consider checking whether the shortlisted dentists have the above-discussed personality traits.

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