Weather Apps: 7 Handy Services For Road Travelers

Weather Apps: 7 Handy Services For Road Travelers

There’s probably nothing you can do to prevent bad weather conditions on your trip, but knowing they are coming will help you prepare and thereby avoid unpleasant consequences. This is why you need a great weather app for your smartphone. Modern weather apps make life a lot easier for travelers. Here are some cool services you can use.



Many things can ruin your road trip, and the weather is one of the first on the list. Imagine picking up a van rental Minneapolis Airport and expecting a fun family adventure at a nearby national park campground. A rental car will give you freedom of movement and independence from weather conditions. Plus, it’s very cheap to rent a car wherever you go.

However, as soon as you arrive at the location, the weather is something that begins to strongly affect your travel plans. The rain will destroy your hopes for an exciting camping experience. At the same time, the excessive heat makes exploring new sights a tedious job.


AccuWeather has a significant advantage over other similar applications. The user can open the weather radar to study the current situation in a specific area. For example, if you’re going to travel somewhere, you can open an app, view the weather in a given region, and decide whether or not to go on a trip. 

The app makes it possible to view weather conditions in the city or the current location, plus you can view information not only by hours and days but also by months. It also has an air quality assessment option, although you may not need it at all.

Why use AccuWeather?

  • Modern interface; 
  • Many options and settings; 
  • Weather radar; 
  • Several options for maps showing weather conditions; 
  • Alerts about too high wind speed.


In the 1Weather application, the user can find all the necessary information about the weather to plan a trip for any period. You can check out the weather both by geolocation and by city. At the same time, it’s possible to view the weather radar. 

Also, 1Weather offers one of the most detailed statistics on humidity, wind speed, air temperature, and other characteristics. Other benefits of the program include a user-friendly menu with beautiful sunrise and sunset displays. 

Why use 1Weather?

    • Detailed weather information;
    • Weather radar; 
    • Track the weather in several cities at once; 
    • Easy-to-use interface; 
  • Beautiful sunrise and sunset schedule.

Weather Underground 

The Weather Underground app provides basic information on the home screen. However, if the user needs more details, then he may well open additional menus and check them too. There’s also weather radar that allows you to assess the conditions in a certain region or plan a travel route. 

You can add multiple cities to your favorites and later view the weather right in the side menu. An interesting feature of Weather Underground is the status bar setting, so you can see the information you want without opening the app. 

Why use Weather Underground?

    • Clear menu; 
    • Detailed hourly or daily weather forecast;
    • Sunrise and sunset schedule; 
    • Convenient viewing of the weather on the radar; 
  • Adding cities to favorites.


The YoWindow developers have devoted a lot of effort and attention to the interface design – here you can check the weather and really enjoy this process. For example, the application offers a feature of replacing the background. In this case, the user can conveniently swipe across the screen and thus switch between days of the week. At the same time, the current weather is available over the splash screen of the application, and if it’s raining, you will see drops on the screen. 

Also, there’s weather radar, which, unfortunately, is only working in the paid version of the application. 

Why use YoWindow?

  • Stylish interface with beautiful screensavers and effects; 
  • Flexible settings; 
  • Viewing the weather 2 weeks ahead; 
  • Adding cities to favorites for quick viewing.

The Weather Channel 

A great advantage of the Weather Channel app is useful additional information. Naturally, here you can see the current weather, view the forecast by the hour or even a few days in advance. Additionally, the software provides data on air pollution. You can see the saturation of the atmosphere with various harmful substances, and also check the COVID-19 statistics in the desired regions. Yes, this doesn’t apply to the weather, but the feature is still important these days. 

Why use the Weather Channel?

  • Hourly and daily weather forecast; 
  • Built-in weather radar; 
  • Information on air pollution in the region; 
  • Beautiful and clear interface; 
  • Coronavirus statistics right in the app.

Yahoo Weather 

The weather viewer app from one of the world’s best search engines is amazing. The interface is very attractive – on the main screen you can see the current air temperature, information about precipitation, and a beautiful picture in the background. If you scroll down, you can get a more detailed description of the wind speed, the times of sunrise and sunset, and even the phases of the moon. 

There is also weather radar with several types of information display. Plus, you can add the desired cities to the side menu and then quickly switch between to see the weather information. 

Why use Yahoo Weather?

    • Very stylish interface; 
    • Thoughtful main screen; 
    • Showing current precipitation with visual effects; 
    • A detailed description of weather conditions; 
    • Weather radar with three layers; 
  • Hourly and daily weather forecast.
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