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Today, we can find innumerable online options providing leverage crypto online. However, locating the best one can be a difficult task for many users worldwide. Herein taking into consideration the several unique features it is worthwhile to explore BTCC in detail as one of the greatest options for a highly profitable leverage cryptocurrency. 

The vital information on online leverage crypto futures contract specifications of BTCC

From the viewpoint of online leverage crypto futures contract specifications on the versatile cryptocurrency exchange platform of BTCC, it is quite interesting to note that its margin level is thirty percent and when the net value of the user’s account is lower than the margin level, the user’s position will be forced to close by the system.

Moreover, in such cases of leverage crypto, the system initiates from the order with the maximal loss until the net value of the user’s account returns to a level higher than the required margin level of BTCC.

The next crucial factor in leverage crypto futures contract of BTCC is the settlement time. Essentially there are two types of regular futures; daily and weekly and when the settlement time arrives, the system automatically closes the positions regardless of the loss or the profit.

It is important to be noted by the users of leverage crypto futures contract of BTCC that settlement time for daily futures is every day from 21:00 to 23:00 and for weekly futures is every Sunday from 21:00 to 23:00. Nonetheless, the routine system maintenance is carried out every Sundays from 00:00 to 00:30, and trading during this period will be affected.

The comprehensive leverage crypto trading fees of BTCC online

BTCC’s leverage crypto trading fees are of two kinds. The prime one is transaction fees whereby BTCC renders different account levels for VIPs. The higher the account level of a user, he or she relishes the higher the discount on the transaction fees. However, the lowest transaction fee is only 0.03 percent per trade. Nonetheless, for more information on this regard and the enjoyment of the innumerable benefit for the VIP traders, a user can access https://www.btcc.com/ anytime, anywhere.

The second type of leverage trading fees of BTCC online is the funding fees. The funding fees will only be charged for the perpetual contracts and they will apply only when the positions are held by a user past 21:00 every day. To get the highest advantage a user has to effectively register with BTCC and start an enviable cryptocurrency journey. 

High benefits of leverage crypto trading at BTCC

Leverage crypto trading at BTCC is enriched with endless advantages of . These are demo accounts, real market trading and its risk-free environment. In addition, there is very high leverage of up to 150X wherein a user can maximize his or her profits with a little capital.

The other boons of exploring leverage crypto at BTCC are an option of easy and fast buying of the desired crypto with credit cards and even local wallets and last but not least a very low trading threshold that is as low as 0.01 lot.

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