Typical Signs to Watch Out For Barbiturates Addiction

Barbiturates Addiction

You cannot instantly recognize a person addicted to barbiturates (popularly called barbs). But spend some time with them and you would know. The typical signs are feeling drowsy and showing poor judgment and coordination. 

And if a person shows hostility, paranoia, violence, or symptoms of psychosis, know that he or she is on a high dose of barbs. They may also have high body temperature or difficulty breathing. These are emergency signs and the person may need an in-patient Arizona drug rehab program. 

General signs to watch out for among your friends or family

When people are addicted to drugs, they lose control of the way they use drugs. They can’t stop taking them, even if they wish to. This is the biggest sign of addiction. They are helpless in front of the drugs. Now, it is the drug that controls their body and mind. 

Barbs are physically addictive drugs. It means they lead to physiological dependence. Certain drugs are only mentally addictive. You just need to have strong willpower to stop using them. Once you stop, you can de-addict yourselves without experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms. 

But not in the case of barbiturates addiction. This drug is so physically addictive that if you miss a single dose or reduce the dose, your body would produce unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. And if you stop taking it suddenly, it can produce life-threatening symptoms. 

More about barbs

Barbiturates are classified as depressant drugs. According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), barbs “produces wide spectrum depression of the central nervous system, ranging from mild sedation to coma.” 

Doctors prescribe barbs to treat insomnia, anxiety, and seizures. They are used as anesthetics, hypnotics, sedatives, and anticonvulsants. 

It’s the hypnotic and sedative effects of barbs that attract drug users. It is often found that addicts crush the tablets into a fine powder and snort them for instant effects. They may also dissolve the powder in water to form a solution and inject them. 

Barbs are meant for short-time use only and under prescription. If somebody in your peer group or family is using barbs for a long time, you must call the addiction hotline. They are already addicted to it and need an exclusive rehab program, as it does not take long to become dependent on this drug. 

Please do not overlook barb addiction. When a person takes barbs for a long time, his or her body develops tolerance and they, no longer, experience the effects. This makes them increase the dose. As they continue to do so, they can easily reach what doctors call a “fatal dose.”

So, search for “drug rehab near me” and find a reputable center that helps people go off barb safely and comfortably.

Withdrawing from barbs

An addict may begin to experience withdrawal symptoms within 8-16 hours of taking the last dose. It can be sooner if you have been taking it for a very long time. The symptoms last for two or more weeks. They are the most intense initially. That’s why experts advise against barbiturates withdrawal at home. 

Find yourselves or your loved one a good drug rehab facility and start your journey towards addiction-free life under the supervision of specialists.

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