Types of Property Disputes and Ways to Avoid Them

how to avoid property dispute

Property dispute cases in India are quite common. Around 66% of property dispute cases are still pending in the civil courts of India. Wars over wealth amid relatives, co-owners, family members, legal heirs have been taking place for a long time. As a result, squabbling relatives take the issue to the courts for the right decision. No matter how time-consuming or expensive the process will be, family members prefer taking legal action.

There are many reasons for some of these disputes, have a look for yourself.

Title Of The Property

If there are two co-owners to the property and only one has the authority over the property’s title, chances of misuse are high. Under this category, the other co-owner might fudge the papers and defraud the actual owner by stealing the property owner’s identity. This issue is most common with plots and properties that have stayed unoccupied for a long time or the owner is residing in another country and has not visited his site for many years. The fraudster can misuse the property title and secure loans using your equity as collateral.

Thus, it is vital to conduct thorough research, look for past 30 years property title documents/records, make sure the property is not mortgaged and approved by banks. Hire the best property case lawyers in Chandigarh to cross-check and verify all documents.

Builders And Buyers

Many buyers try to fleece homebuyers and do not meet their part of the agreement. Thus, it is better to ask for a sanctioned plan and compare it with the actual built-up area to be sure. If they don’t match, then it is an illegal construction. To avoid such issues, make sure to visit a reliable property seller and do not miss to check if the property is RERA-registered and approved.

Inherited Properties

This category is common in India as the family disputes over the inheritance of a property after losing the actual owner. Conflicts may arise as to who legally holds the ownership in the will. And if there is no will, then also disputes may occur.

If you are looking to invest in such a property, make sure that the beneficiary has all the documents, the property was transferred legally, and has proof of inheritance.

Non-Provision Of Occupancy Certificate

Once the apartments/residential projects are complete, buyers look forward to moving to the new location. But, the buyers cannot shift to their new residence unless authorities sanction an Occupancy Certificate to the buyer.

There may be a delay in issuing the Occupancy Certificate if the developers disregard any norm. Thus, it is better to ensure that you meet all the pre-drawn conditions before making the final instalments.

Misuse Of Property On Rent Or Lease

Disputes between the owner and tenant can occur due to violations from either party.

Thus, make sure that you have a rental/lease agreement on a notarized stamp paper with clear rules related to the upkeep and maintenance of the property, monthly rent amount, and other essential information to avoid any such dispute.

In case of any such above-listed issue, get in touch with the best property dispute advocates. Hire a professional law firm which has a team of the best property dispute lawyers. And they will guide you over the issues related to property cases. I hope you like this article on property disputes and ways to avoid them.

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