Traditional Jewellery Guide for the Maharashtrian Bride

The grace and complexities of a Marathi bride’s attire reflect her inner happiness and vibrancy. A Marathi bride stands out from the crowd with the classic pearled Nath on her nose, the pearl string mundavlya tied over her forehead, and Traditional Jewellery the multi-layered jondhali Haar.

The Maharashtrian bride’s jewellery, from intricate nose rings to gem-studded armbands, embodies the soul of their tradition. However, Maharashtrian jewellery has its own distinct charm. It always captivates us, from its iconic designs and styles to its intricate details.

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Must-have Traditional Maharashtrian Jewelleries for Maharashtrian Brides

To give you a better idea of what comes into the decoration of a bride in a typical Marathi wedding, we’ve put together a basic guidebook to Maharashtrian bridal jewellery, which completes the bridal look.


Mundavlya is a unique unisex jewellery worn by both the bride and the husband and is by far the most beautiful of Maharashtrian bridal jewellery. Now it’s a pearl-studded string worn over the temple of the forehead with two vertical pearl strings that beautifully flank the bride’s face, and it goes well with a classic Marathi bride hairdo to highlight her face.


The mangalsutra is a religious necklace composed of black and gold beads with an ornate pendant made of gold or adorned with diamonds that is an essential must-have in the bridal jewellery box. So the typical Maharashtrian mangalsutra includes two vaatis (bowl-shaped patterns) linked with black and gold beads as a centerpiece. Rather than the vaati style, most brides simply select a diamond pendant or other gold design pendant.

Kolhapuri Saaj

This Kolhapur-based necklace is a mark of a woman’s marital status. It is an alternative to a mangalsutra. A typical Kolhapuri saaj is mainly composed of 21 elements, 10 of which represent the Hindu God Vishnu’s ten avatars. 8 elements represent ashtamangal, or fortunate events. Pendants make up three of the elements, two each of emerald and ruby. The taviz, which guards against evil, is the final pendant.


The bride wears a Vaki armlet on each arm. But It can be built of flat metal elements or interlocking metal elements. The armlet is entirely constructed of gold and features a ruby in the centre.

Raani Haar or Lakshmi Haar

The Rani Haar is an intricate necklace with a gem-encrusted pendant and 3 layers of pearl strings that is one of the most spectacular jewels in the Maharashtrian bride’s collection.


The nath, like the mundavlya, provides a Maharashtrian bride with a unique look. Pearls are strung along with a few valuable stones, such as rubies, on the nosepiece. The centerpiece, which is encrusted with rubies or diamonds, fits on the nose. Based on regional differences, a nath is available in a multitude of styles.


The bride’s mother-in-law gives the bride Jodvi Tese, which are basically toe rings. These are generally made up of silver and are put on the second toe finger. Traditional variants are fashioned from a pure piece of silver, although certain variants can contain imprinted design patterns.


A set of glass bangles and three to four gold bangles make up Maharashtrian choora or bangles. However, Green glass bangles are donned in a set on each wrist, with a gold bangle inserted between them. Maharashtrian bangles are distinguished from other bridal bangles by their green colour, which represents fertility.

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Get Ryal Feel and Look with Maharashtrian Jewellery

Maharashtra is known for its rich history and legendary warriors. It has a similarly rich culture, which is obvious. Maharashtrian culture comes from a long line of dedicated, compassionate people. So Their flamboyant traditional jewellery symbolizes this. Their jewellery is a reflection of their regal status.

In Maharashtrian women’s dress, gold jewellery has been a significant factor. Because Traditional jewellery has beautiful designs that give it a royal feel.

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