Top Two Educational Universities of Pakistan

Online Education in Pakistan faces many challenges due to economic instability and insufficient public sector funding. However, the long-term efforts of the private sector to make Pakistani youth aware of today’s world-famous aspirations have hampered the development of educational institutions.

Hamdad University

The famous scholar Shaheed Hakim Muhammad Saeed established a sympathetic university for Pakistani youth in Karachi. Hamdad University in Karachi has been teaching students since 1991. It has evolved into its current form with 7 academic branches or 42 degrees and certificates.

Location and classification

The University has a large campus in Karachi along with other parts of Islamabad and other parts of Karachi. Many accredited hospitals, legal and IT institutes are affiliated with Hamdad University Karachi. It has been rated “W” by HEC Pakistan and is one of the top universities in Pakistan that meets all the criteria for establishing a university.

Goals and Objectives

It focuses on providing state-of-the-art technology and is capable of providing excellent education to approximately 5,000 students. The student-teacher ratio for each class is about 1:11, which is very good compared to other universities. It is a quality service organization and its scholarship community is expected to grow.

University of Bahrain

Karachi University, Bahrain began offering Computer and Business Studies for Intermediate Academics in 1995 and was granted university status in February 2000. The University of Bahrain is a semi-public university established for the children of the Marine Corps. However, this also applies to normal children.

Goals and Objectives

It is a highly prestigious university, especially in the fields of management and marine sciences. They are not big but have packages in Islamabad and Karachi. There are also a number of recognized educational institutions.


The main academic branches of the University include: Department of Management Science, Department of Engineering, Department of Earth and Environmental Science, Department of Degree and Applied Science, Department of Law, Department of Oceanography, Department of Observations and Observations.


The department is equipped with state-of-the-art online libraries and state-of-the-art laboratories in Islamabad and Karachi. It focuses on the mental capacity of teachers to learn and prepare and describes the skills that enable them.


To overcome all these problems, we can offer valuable services to a large number of highly skilled professionals sent to state-of-the-art institutions like Hamdardi and Karachi University. They use training to increase productivity while working in professional development and public sector organizations.

Adult package delivery and logistical infrastructure:

Silicon Valley businesses faced this problem in the early 1990’s. Pakistan’s IT industry has been hit hard by a lack of infrastructure to deliver products quickly to consumers. Relying on cloud stores to provide money to online customers has become difficult.

For the first time in Pakistan’s history, mainstream media user brands have not seen a positive change in consumer attitudes towards online e-commerce. After seeing an ad on a popular TV channel, people wanted to give it up and it worked.

Educational users:

In view of the growing trend of e-commerce stores, the government of Pakistan has recently passed a bill banning all universities from teaching the importance of e-commerce to the youth.


Along with all the successes, Pakistan’s e-commerce industry has faced several obstacles:

It is against the policy of the government.

Literacy rate is low

Misconceptions about the Pakistani e-commerce industry

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