Top T-Shirt Design Tips – 4 Secrets For Perfect T-Shirt Text (Plus One Bonus!)

The Secret of T-Shirt Design 1: Choosing the Right Font

When selecting a T-shirt manufacturer, select the font that supports your message. For example, if you are working on an interesting t-shirt, choose a font that looks interesting. When working on a sexy T-shirt, choose a font that looks sexy. Also, if you are working on a t-shirt for a full-fledged professional law firm, you do not want to use this font in the form of cats.

It may seem like a simple idea, but many potential new T-shirt designers and T-shirt entrepreneurs are taking that step and using standard fonts. Unfortunately, this is clear from their findings. The fun t-shirt design may have seemed boring and amateurish. However, a careful selection of fonts that reflect the content of the word can avoid this fate, and dresses are one step ahead of the competition.

The Secret of T-shirt Design 2: Observation and Kerning

In most cases, when typing text into a computer program, the space between the letters is slightly uneven and often slightly wider. This extra, uneven space makes the text a little uncomfortable and professional, and also makes it harder to read because the words are not visible to each other. Although the viewer may not feel it, the eyes and brain must work a little harder, and the added difficulty is the unconscious anxiety of the viewer.

Fortunately, for new T-shirt designers, this problem can be solved by combining observation and curling, two ways to adjust the font.

Observation is related to adjusting the average spacing of letters between words, sentences, or selected symbols. By adjusting the observation, the t-shirt artist can reduce the average distance (or “narrow”) between all the characters in the selected range and increase the average distance. Required Adjustable intervals vary from font to font, so it is important to specify the required spacing for a particular t-shirt design. But for professional T-shirt designers, start over-squeezing the font (so that the letters are very close) and gradually increase the look until the word looks right.

Kerning is very similar to the search, but with one important difference. Instead of adjusting the average distance between all the characters, Kerning adjusts the distance between two characters at once. This gives T-shirt artists greater control over observation, allowing T-shirt artists to better adjust the pairs of characters, which may not even look right after a text search.

In general, best practices use observation to better represent the entire range of characters in a t-shirt slogan and use kernels to fine-tune the character pairs until the text of the t-shirt is fully visible.

The Secret of T-Shirt Design 3: Between Worlds

Once the T-shirt slogans are correctly spelled out, the next important step is to adjust the word spacing. Adjusting the spacing of words is very similar to observation and kernel is done the same as kernel, and it fills in the gaps between the words, not the letters. Fingerprint rules are a little different for proper spacing, so spacing is a whole step in itself.

In general, the best practice for adjusting the distance between words is to imagine the width of the letter “L” in the font used, and then to make the width of each word wide. This means that the space between words varies from font to font (because the size of the letter “L” varies from font to font), but this also means that the spaces are designed for each font. .. question. Creating the right amount of space between words supports the effects of observation and input, allows words to be better organized as separate visual units, and improves reading ability.

The Secret of T-Shirt Design 4: Reading, also known as “line spacing”.

Another area where new T-shirt designers often make mistakes is the “text space” at the beginning. The lead (pronounced like “steel” in the metal, not the “leader” that leads people somewhere) dates back to the days of printing. At that time, people used really small, thin steel to create vertical space. Between the type lines. Of course, computers are at the forefront these days. Unfortunately, when it comes to T-shirt text, it’s often not enough.

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