Top 10 places Nevada is proud of

Nevada combines everything best that you wish to see on your trip. The Silver State is rich in natural wonders, great history background, culture mix, festivals, and other charming cities. Agree that the main advantage is a specific vibe you can catch only here, exploring fantastic destinations.

Plan to spend your next vacation traveling around Nevada? Let’s make plans together. In this article, you will find at least five future points for the route and get some tips on how to make the trip comfortable with Nevada Jeeps for rent for better experience. 

Las Vegas 

Sin City is a highly famous spot for every occasion, family, or solo trip, and there are enough attractions for adults and kids. Nightlife will attract party-goers and more than 30 things to do with kids with various themes. But perhaps, the most exciting activity for groups is a road trip to some close destination from Las Vegas, in particular:

  • Death Valley National Park.
  • Grand Canyon.
  • Joshua National Park.

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Nevada State Capitol 

A building with impressive architecture was restored and opened for self-guided tours Monday through Friday except for holidays because it is still a government establishment. Admission is free, and you also can arrange a guided tour within the framework of the Educational Program or explore the surrounding area and take beautiful photos.

Lake Mead Recreation Area

Take a break from city vanity and sunbathe on the shore. Enjoy perfect sceneries everywhere, and hike the trails and historic tunnels. They are the most famous here. You should visit Hoover Dam and join the excursions on motorbikes or helicopters. It is the best idea for active leisure with the whole family. By the way, it would be good to have a dinner cruise on the Desert Princess boat in a perfect atmosphere after the day. 

Area 51

Area 51 is an extremely secret place shrouded in mystery and gossip, and it does exist! You  are welcome to explore hidden content and ensure this is true about spaceships and aliens. In public tours, visitors go through many stops, which start at Janet Airlines and lead that far, so you will end only at 7 a.m.

Seven Magic Mountains

Image source: Flickr

Why are they magic? Colorful rocks were collected in a fantastic land-based installation which symbolizes harmony between art and the wild nature of the endless dunes. And now the desert scenery seems bewitching with bright colors. Seven Magic Mountains is located only a 20 minutes ride from Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas car rental takes care of your time and makes your schedule flexible, so use it as well. Parking in Las Vegas is not always free outside of the hotels, and thus it would be better to check the price beforehand or consider valet service. 



The Biggest Little City always has something to surprise, particularly hidden gems and local sighs. In addition, there are regular food tours and vine walks, leading events for every day, and the others on the website calendar. The most pleasant and known activity is shopping in the Riverwalk District. 

Great Basin State Park

One of the least busy state parks around the year, although there is the only glacier in Nevada. You also will be attracted to easy-to-reach two alpine lakes and more of an altitude for avid explorers. And mainly, it is an incredible respite from desert fever. 

Virginia City

Despite the small population, Virginia City is one of the best spots to attend and live. This town perfectly saved the spirit of the 19th century and thus was awarded Historic Preservation’s Distinctive Destinations Award. Museums are located on every corner, and there are no less than 15 for every taste. The popular one is the Mark Twain Museum of Memories. 

Pyramid Lake

Visit one of the largest Nevada lakes and see the marvelous rock formations that resemble pyramids. Fishing isn’t forbidden here, but you have to check permits before. Moreover, if you have more time, welcome the local museum to learn more native inhabitants.

International Car Forest of the Last Church

It is a creature of modern art that Michael Rippie made. As the author said, the live exhibit represents the inner world of each of us. Many artists come there every year to leave their mark on the cars, and nature and weather also make changes all the time. Take a dose of meditation during the visit – view provokes thought. 

By Hassan Javed

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