Tools and Techniques for Efficient HR Management

Every organization needs an efficient HR system. The good thing is that humans can work in conjunction with machines for better productivity, by the use of efficient Human Resources tools. 

The HR responsibility has moved from simply handling payrolls and enforcing proper tax and pension obligations to something more intense. Today, the HR manager is more actively involved in the general welfare of workers in an organization. 

To make the work of the HR manager easier, HR tool kits have been introduced. This kit contains several digital tools that aid the job of the HR team.  They use automation to run even in the absence of management.

One of the best HR tools used is the SWOT analysis. This technique involves determining the Strengths,  weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an organization. With this knowledge, an HR manager can get important data like;

  • Where is the organization heading?
  • Where is the organization currently?
  • How do we bridge the gap between the present and the future? 

This will repurpose the planning process, making it more strategic. It keeps you a step ahead in the game, helping you take action with the future in mind.  Sectors like recruiting and onboarding, employee engagement, and performance monitoring will improve. 

Recruiting and Onboarding

This is one very important sector of an organization. The recruitment process is tedious in all organizations. The process is broad including; candidate screening, conducting of interviews or interviews as the case requires, the actual hiring process, and then the onboarding process. Several HR tools for recruitment are available. They include;

Assessment: Tools like Codility, HackerRank, Criteria Corp, and Talview are effective for assessing prospective employees. These tools have been designed to identify the most suitable client for a position by testing the client’s abilities, behaviors, skills, and personality.

AI and Automation: With artificial intelligence tools, your ideal client can be shortlisted with an automated process. These tools can be used to analyze data, screen candidates, and even engage in virtual chats with them to select the most suitable. Tools like; Jobvite, Zoho recruit, Textio, Workday, and can carry out these functions.

Visual interviews: At a stage in the recruitment, the employer might need a video interview with the prospective employee. These can help take note of body language, confidence level, facial expressions, and other necessary features. Some tools like; HireVue, Hireflix, Avature, and Vidcruiter can perform this task well.

Job aggregators: These tools help in the advertisement of the available positions on job boards. 

Onboarding tools: After recruitment, the onboarding process is another tedious one.  Onboarding tools will guide new employees through the entire activities that take place in the organization, and show them the processes.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the level of passion and motivation that a person has towards a job. The more engaged the staff are, the more productive they would be, and high productivity equals met goals and fulfilled visions. Here are some employee engagement techniques:

  • Promote transparency: Making employees feel like a part of the game plan is a major way to get them engaged. 
  • Get feedback and use them: Letting everyone air their opinions about organizational matters will make them feel involved, and acting on aired opinions will make them feel more involved and devoted. 
  • Hold employees accountable: Assign responsibilities to employees as often as you can.  The more they can handle, the more involved they get with the organization.

Some of the best HR Tools for employee engagement include; Kazoo, Nectar, Empuls, and Assembly.

Performance monitoring

Monitoring the performance of employees is an important HR tool that will keep employees alert. Organizations usually handle this by holding regular meetings to analyze the performance of employees and rewarding well-performing staff with gifts. 

Several tools can aid the evaluation of employees’ performance. With these tools, you can track the performance of an employee, find out lagging skills, and organize training to help them improve their skill level. 

Some of the best Human Resources tools for performance monitoring include; Stackify, LogicMonitor, New Relic, SolarWinds, and AppDynamics.

PDF tools for document management

Managing documents is very important in an organization. Most documents used in an organization are in PDF forms. Daily, employees need to print, type, e-sign, share, and edit documents. It is important to know how to work your way around these documents to get the best performance. 

Tools like Adobe Acrobat, and PDF editor ease HR tasks like forms processing, document sharing, and record keeping.


 It’s a digital world, we can work with machines and Artificial Intelligence for outstanding HR management. Turn your organization into a dream space for employers and employees alike with the right HR tools and techniques.

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