Tips to Prepare for IELTS

Tips to Prepare for IELTS

Are you worried about IELTS Exam? Are you not familiar with exam patterns? Want tips to score well? Then this article is for you, your fears will be fade away. In this article, we will share some tips and strategies.

If you are not well versed in the English Language then this fear is normal, but it doesn’t mean you can’t attempt and clear this exam. English is just a language nothing else if you want to learn then you has to show some passion for it. But solely you can’t handle this you need assistance or right guidance. Now, another big question that pop-up into the head of aspirants. From where? And the answer is IELTS institutes. But traveling far is difficult because it kills time.

So, candidates usually search for IELTS institutes near me. And they get a long list, now which one to choose, this is challenging. Where all your queries are resolved by experienced faculty one should go for it.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind while preparing for IELTS.

  • Understand the test format first without it there will be no use of preparing the test. In this test, we have four modules-Listening, reading, writing, and Speaking.
  • For listening section, aspirants have to listen to any English conversation daily. When they start understanding the accents then start practicing actual listening test videos.
  • Listening section is of 30 minutes plus 10 minutes to transfer answers on sheets. The audio in the listening module will be played for 30 minutes and students have to listen carefully because all recordings are played one time only.
  • In the listening module, types of questions asked are one word, sentence completion, matching, map or diagrams, etc.
  • For the reading section, aspirants have to develop reading habits. They can read books, newspapers, magazines, etc. This will improve their vocabulary, reading skills, and sentence formation as well. First start without a timer, when you are acquainted with the format and type of questions then practice with a timer. The total time allotted for this module is 60 minutes.
  • Writing section, this module is considered the most difficult one by most of the candidates and they are afraid of losing bands in this. But if aspirants are familiar with the marking criteria then they do not face a struggle in scoring well.
  • In the writing section, scores are assessed on the following criteria:
  • Task Achievement (25%)
  • Coherence and cohesion (25%)
  • Vocabulary (25%)
  • Grammatical range (25%)

If you want a good band score consider the above marking criteria.

  • Choose any general topic and write something on it. After that ask for reviews of your writing from mentors.
  • Speaking module is also tough for those who are non-native speakers and their vernacular is not English. But no need to worry much because you are assessed on your ability.
  • The things which users keep in mind for speaking are :
  • Don’t do grammar mistakes.
  • Speak fluently without pauses.
  • Pronounce words perfectly
  • Use advanced vocabulary.
  • Try to practice speaking with friends, family etc.

These were the basic tips for the IELTS exam if you want to know more than you can visit Western Overseas. You will easily get the location when you type best IELTS institutes near me, as it spreads in major districts of Punjab and Haryana.

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