Tips to launch successful retargeting ad  


Did you know? More than ninety percent of website visitors would not be ready to buy; hence you are able to convince only four percent of the visitors to buy the first time they land on your website. 

Isn’t it a huge chunk of people you seem to be losing out on?  

With retargeting ads, you can be able to make the most of the lost visitors.  

Retargeting ad – An overview 

By means of retargeting ads, you are able to reach the crowd that once visited your landing page or website and left without taking any action.  

As a result, you can persuade them again. And luckily if your ad is shown to them at the right time (when they are looking for something that you offer), then you can be assured of conversion taking place. 

Simultaneously, you can leverage the power of social media channels to jog your prospects’ memory about the service they were looking for and how your product or service could be the best pick. 

Retargeting in email marketing – A Glimpse 

Retargeting ads in email marketing is like site retargeting, the difference being that in email marketing you will target your email subscribers instead of website visitors.  

You will place a pixel code in your email signature, and recipients opening your email will be then shown your ads all over the web.  

If you do not have email subscribers, but wish to carry out email marketing, you can use email search tool to find the email address of a person.  

What is an email search tool?  

An email search tool is a marketing tool that helps to find the email addresses of prospects. There are some smart tools that function based on Artificial Intelligence, say  

Was that helpful information to you? 

Now let us see more about the retargeting ads. 

How does retargeting ads work? 

You (i.e., website owner or the marketer) will place a pixel on your website that will add cookie into your website visitors’ browser. 

As a result, whenever they browse the internet, they will be shown your advertisement on sites that hosts display ads.  

Isn’t it smart? 

Now that you have brushed up your knowledge about retargeting ads, let us look at the tips to make sure you get the most from your retargeting campaign. 

Tip#1 – Do not show your ads too much 

Flashing your ad too much could reduce its impact on the user’s mind. Moreover, it will increase your costs.  

Your ad will be effective when your audience see it sparingly.  

Therefore, you need to cap the frequency of ads shown to the users by setting daily, weekly, or monthly limits.  

Tip#2 – Segment your audience 

Your website traffic comprises of distinct categories of people – Gender based, age, marital status, parental status, profession, household income, etc. 

With this knowledge, you could create the most relevant ad copies for each segment.  

Tip#3 – Consider your audience’s behavior 

Your audience’s behavior on your landing page is essential to plan for retargeting the right segment.  

There are generally two types of visitors, ones that are looking for your product and have an intention of buying it at some point in time and the other types are people who just visited your site for window shopping.  

Tip#4 – Campaign duration 

If you launch a campaign and then let it run for years, it will not bring anything good. People will lose interest as your ads are not new to them.  

Therefore, run different campaigns for various occasions, this will entice people to grab the opportunity and buy from you. 

Concluding thoughts 

With the tips shared in this article, you can now launch successful retargeting ads, and can be able to make your ideal audience think about your brand when they are ready to buy a product or service that you offer. 

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