Tips to Attract Digital Nomads to Your Coworking Space

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After gaining a significant jump in popularity over the last few years, co-working is the go-to option for many organizations to connect with remote employees. Employees who were previously restricted to their cubicles are now free to travel and work on the go. While this trend continues to rise, lobby culture is profusely enhanced for the minds that like being glued around spacious lounges. Co-working spaces can spice things up a little to transform into an attractive location. Haply, digital nomads might even stick around to be the most engaged and generous tenants to your co-working space: so it’s fruitful to host them with some spiced-up features.

Tips and strategies to attract Digital Nomads

Well-furnished open office spaces with printers and office supplies are the key elements that play a part in the engagement at co-working spaces. A constant supply of coffee and snacks doesn’t hurt either. But is it enough to retain an on-the-go worker? Certainly not. Digital nomads can only be nomadic if they have the right predicaments. Below are a few tweaks and upgrades that you can implement to attract these workers your way. And, also you can look at some of the best coworking space in Dwarka and if you want to check out in Delhi, you can check out the best coworking space in Connaught Place.

  • Faster internet services

Continuous video conferences, uploading, and downloading to large project files all day long or non-stop client calls are just a few things a slow internet connection can comply with. Without a fast internet connection, digital nomads won’t function in your space. Ensure flawless WiFi coverage throughout your area, supply each desk with an ethernet port, upgrade to a fiber-optic connection. It’s no longer a premium feature for the working class.

Most people, especially digital nomads, place significant trust in facilities like these. Create a hype around the best of your facilities supported with technical information to please the minds.

  • Sense of community and belonging

Working away from home amidst a completely different culture can take a toll on the social needs of a digital nomad. One of the best ways to attract digital nomads is to create a sense of community at your co-working space. A co-working office presents an excellent opportunity for working travellers to connect with others. However, there are definite initiatives that you can adapt to strengthen the community of tenants. It is not something that holds a monetary value but doesn’t mean it can’t be developed.

Weekly movie sessions or occasional group games are a great way of helping attendees to chat and bond with new people. Introducing the nomads to outdoor highlights around your co-working space is proven to increase their engagement and personal fulfillment as a traveler. Organize experience-sharing sessions, seek locals to assist you. There are numerous ways to invoke a sense of community. Use the trial and error method to see what works for you!

  • Better amenities

Digital nomads typically look for different amenities compared to local tenants. Even though crucial components include plenty of easily accessible outlets for plugging in computers, tablets, phones, and other equipment, remember, digital nomads sometimes work long hours and need to use and charge different devices simultaneously. Consider including other aesthetically pleasing office items like filing cabinets or shelving to help keep digital nomads organized and attracted to the design. Introducing membership perks like ‘happy hours’ with free pizza or a drink are proven techniques to keep your nomadic tenants hooked.

  • Offer long-term incentives

The proposition that digital nomads change their locations frequently doesn’t imply the certainty of the same. Providing them with sufficient reasons to stay will maintain their retention for weeks. Nomads crave unique, novel, and exciting experiences. Collaborate with the government and locals to reform taxes and infrastructure, and build an integrated package to attract the digital nomad’s community towards your office. Incentivizing more extended stays by offering discounts over the rent or unique combos can be effective too. Another constructive strategy could be introducing passersby’s daily passes, allowing greater flexibility. It would also reflect that you’re more inclusive of independent digital nomads providing them with a reduced price than a full-time option. However, don’t bombard the tenants with these offers winding up to a refusal to all of them.

  • Reforming workplace restrictions and regulations

While talking about this point, ask yourself one question. How can my co-working space be less restrictive to cast a wider net over the target audience? Ensuring a greater captivation power lies beneath the policies that your space adheres to. Do you restrict pets? Consider forming a pet-friendly area around your location. How can you serve the traveler community? Don’t be afraid to experiment; some reforms will hit the mark, and others will miss. Keep a list of failures and successes to come back and adapt to your list of regulations in the future.

  • Create an online and social media presence

Now that you’re all set with the materialistic and aesthetic elements of your co-working space, it’s time to generate a buzz around it! Your digital presence will often be the first impression for a potential digital nomad tenant. In layman language, your social media page or website will be the shopping portfolio of your brand. Hence, it’s vital to grow your business organically by inspecting the different components to enhance sales. Go ahead and glorify your best features to catch the attention of nomads. 


Keep these pointers in mind as you set yourself to blow up your co-working space in the coming years. Investing in reforms is a much-needed and low-risk venture! As this pandemic drags on, many remote workers seek alternatives to their blatant home offices. Burnt-out apartment workers are continuously hopping on the on-the-go working movement. Exotic scenery or luscious landscapes are widely publicized for digital nomads. However, in contradiction, they might not be the deciding factors at all! Refine the existing features and strive to add more to your co-working space to experience exponential and comprehensive growth.


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