The most suitable telephone system for you is VoIP or Landline

Using telephones or landlines always costs a lot to a business. VoIP is a new technology in alternation to landlines. It not only saves cost, but it is functional and has a lot more options. But the fundamental question arises that whether VoIP or landline is more beneficial for your business. 

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) means:

Using your current internet connections, VoIP allows us to connect. It will enable us to make and receive calls. It works in a vast sector and scale. 

Pros of VoIP:

Following are some benefits. This is a new version in the field of communication systems. And it is the biggest threat on landlines. 

Cost friendly

The primary reason for many businesses to switch from landline to VoIP is due to cost-saving. While using an internet connection, VoIP allows us to make calls, saving our additional costs. 

It approves us to have a maximum limitless domestic calling, which is added in most bundles, and international calls are of a minor expense. If you have different areas, then calls are classed as internal. Similar applies to telecommuters.

The 3CX telephone system has reduced business telephone bills by 80%. 

Easy arrangement:

Standard concern organizations show towards VoIP is the conviction that it would be an issue to change from landline to VoIP. However, that is a long way from the case. VoIP phone systems are not difficult to introduce.

VoIP doesn’t have similar equipment you need for landlines. The handsets connect with your internet, and they can generally be overseen from a PC or laptop. If you buy through a phone supplier, they will deal with the entire establishment interaction and keep up with the telephone framework.

Adaptable foundation

Landlines are confined by the number of lines you can use. To add more means you want to introduce them and update the equipment. VoIP utilizes your web association, so it’s conceivable to have a limitless measure of lines. This makes setting up new representatives on a VoIP phone framework fast and straightforward and one more method for setting aside your business cash.


The biggest strength of VoIP is that it can be used anywhere and at any time. Through mobile phones, you can call anywhere in the office. But to make calls through a landline, you need to make an extension cable. The same goes for employees who work in an office and remote areas. VoIP allows them to communicate and makes internal calls accessible. 

Modified feature:

Landlines do not offer the essential feature of the VoIP system. VoIP allows employees to work mobility and enhances their productivity. Other features include voicemail to emails, intelligent calls, and monitoring of these calls. It will enable you to connect with your CRM. 

As the top IT services company in dubai, we allow you to have a smooth and efficient VoIP network. Our team of professionals helps you to resolve any issue or error you face. 

Cons of VoIP:

Before deciding to switch over to a landline or VoIP, it is ideal to look at the pros and cons of VoIP. 

Quality of call

As VoIP depends upon your internet connections. The speed and stability of your internet connection matter a lot while making calls to our VoIP. If your business runs video streaming or transfers large files, then the chances are high that the quality and speed of your internet connection do not work best. Many companies use enough bandwidth to handle both benefits. 

Electricity dependency

As VoIP is primarily dependent on electric power. As VoIP depends entirely on power. If the internet connection is not working correctly, you cannot operate. In contrast, traditional landlines are still managed even if electricity is an outage.

Benefits of landlines:

Traditional landlines have their advantages. 

Proven communication system

Traditional landlines or telephones have been working since long ago. These are time-tested and technically proven it solution in dubai. Due to this, you do not need to train your staff on using the phones. 

One functionality:

As telephones and landlines have only one functionality. It has one of the best qualities of making calls, and downtime is rare. 

Disadvantages of landlines:

Landline has been in business for an extended period. But as technology increases day by day, it is being left out. 

Out of date technology

As technology enhances day by day, maintaining this landline network becomes much more complicated. 

Cost features:

To maintain landlines and telephones all come with additional charges and maintenance costs. To transfer and to queue increases cost and service charges. Whereas VoIP has these features, but they are all free. 

VoIP vs Landline – Which one is better for your business?

Businesses that are running and operating innovative functionality. It is ideal to use a VoIP telephone system as this is flexible and has the mobility that traditional landlines never support. 

VoIP not only saves money but it comes with many features and benefits that traditional landline does not offer.

Switching to VoIP through a landline is your decision. But in the coming periods, landline technology will be ending. VoIP is the most suitable alternative to landlines. 

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