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Gym without music feels as bland as vanilla and a workout with good music feels as exhilarating as a choco chip mixed fruit Sundae. It is probably because music adds that necessary pump and motivation to even the most monotonous routines of all times. 

And a gym is probably that one place where you feel a desperate need for music, to help you release those happy endorphins. Hence, we need the best pair of headphones to stay intact while we jump, run, squat or even follow a HIIT routine. 

Why do we need wireless headphones with the perfect fit? 

Listening to some good music helps us focus more on our goals and hence, cuts off all the distractions around us, whereas wearing an ill-fitted pair of headphones can make you feel out of place, simultaneously, deteriorating your motivation to accomplish the mission of a fruitful workout. 

So, to help you achieve your perfect physical and mental health goals, Modn is here with a list of the best wireless headphones for the gym from bestsellers brands like Rock n roll, Showstopper, Sugar n spice, Superstar and much more. 

Here is a list of wireless bluetooth headphones that provide the perfect fit, playback time, charging time, bluetooth versions, connectivity, flexibility & sound quality, for all your gym sessions: 

Sugar-n-Spice Pro 

As the name suggests it is a perfect blend of sugar-n-spice as it is designed to provide you with the spot on sound quality along with active noise cancellation for all the unnecessary noises around you. The users rate it a good 4.5 stars out of 5 based on their personal usage and experience. Modn offers a flat 44% off on this chique dual coloured wireless headphones along with a stylish and highly comfortable fit with an exceptional 13 hours long continuous playback time. 

Rock-n-roll lounge

Well, this one definitely takes you on a roll with its amazing sound quality and just about 1.5 hours of complete charging time to run non stop for 10 hours with a talktime of about 6 hours and a standby time of 20 hours straight. It has a soft and comfortable cushion around the ear that provides the perfect grip and very less pressure on the earlobes. It comes in a unique teal colour and is portable enough to carry almost everywhere as it is easily foldable and flexible. The Rock-n-roll lounge wireless headphones are available at Modn on a huge discount of 41% and 4.5 out of 5 star ratings. 

Alloy H3 bluetooth headphones 

The Alloy H3 headphones have an unbeatable playback time of up to 30 hours in just 3 hours of charging time. It is an unbelievable combination of sound, style and comfort. It comes with a 1 year warranty plan along with a huge discount of 51% offered by Modn. These headphones provide the best quality ear cushions for minimal to zero damage/pain to your ears. 

Tap 2 Beat 

The Tap 2 Beat wireless bluetooth headphones are specifically designed to experience uninterrupted music while working out in the gym or going for a good morning/evening jog in a park. It is sweat resistant, foldable and has extremely soft ear cups with a non stop playback time of 10 hours. Modn offers a flat 49% discount along with a 1 year warranty for all its users.

These are a few Modn bestseller headphones to get you back on the right track of fitness and entertainment altogether. These amazing discounted products from Modn makes it a budget friendly and an assured quality brand for all its products.

Also, visit the website for a wide range of options available for wireless gym headphones, gaming headphones, professional headphones and much more to upgrade your lifestyle with the latest tech innovations and modifications


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