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Synch tech

If you are searching for health care products, then synch tech is the option you can go for. They provide the world with creative product power, brand personality, and efficient service. The goal of Synch tech (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. is to offer a range of body products that are naturally fragrant and calming to the body and mind.

Introduction to Synch Tech

Synch tech has a two-tier architecture for operations and management. The top layer is where investments and mergers & acquisitions focus in a top tier. It lays out the worldwide fragrance ecological chain with a keen market vision and clear investment choices.

They continually engage in product innovation, research, and development to carry out the company’s long-term development plan. They are struggling to become the best Chinese fragrances brand.

Partnerships by Synch Tech

The synch tech business is based in China and Europe’s multi-nation production, research, and development bases. It reaches significant markets for fast-moving consumer products, such as Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. It is through flexible international imports and exports commerce. 

Synch tech has comprehensive qualifications for import commodities clearing, expert compliance control, and prompt and effective storage and distribution.

Social Responsibility by Synch Tech

New Talents

To build a corporate campus talent, they organize business challenges, creative prizes, summer internships, and other initiatives. They organize these events for college students around the nation. Interns have the chance to get hired by the firm and can pick up the expertise of the industry through training, rotation, and other means.

Participation in University

Synch tech promotes the idea of brand campus ambassadors. It creates a connection between the company and the campus. Brand instructs college students on participating in corporate events using various techniques. 

Students may grasp the necessary corporate recruitment skills by acting as campus ambassadors. They can also develop project management, resource mobilization, communication, and coordination skills.

Synch Tech Brand Investment

  • Synch tech‘s goal is innovation and achievement.
  • The company’s online media campaign generated 10,000+ stories throughout the year. 
  • It establishes appealing marketing and creates devoted customers through brand stories and KOL trial reports. 
  • It uses WeChat, Weibo, and Xiaohongshu to grow a fan base and boost customer loyalty. 
  • It conducts large and medium-sized roadshows offline, chooses film and IP television, and creates a brand’s exclusive image.

Increase online and offline publicity and brand exclusivity

Cottage is making the product resonate with customers and actively planning to develop a distinctive IP image along with commercial promotion techniques.

Strategic deployment of cross-border cooperative promotion to achieve mutual benefit

To create mutual benefit and win-win amongst brands, breakthrough scene traffic, and extend channel coverage, co-branded products, pop-up stores, events, resource tech partnerships, etc.

Continuous product development, exposure, and research

The heart of business existence is innovation. Cottage may increase corporate competitiveness and grow the consumer market. It is through developing new items constantly.

Roadshows on a grand scale support brand marketing

It will increase brand impact, draw customer interest and attention, and create its channels and reputation by arranging and planning commercial roadshows.

Negotiations around celebrity endorsements, choosing films and TV shows

To develop a brand marketing matrix, cottage collaborates with well-known film and television drama works that uphold the basic principles. It also chooses actors that suit the brand’s tone as the spokesman.

Products by Synch Tech

Body Treatment

French-inspired Cottage Body Care

It is dedicated to offering customers natural body care cottage products with the idea of preserving the natural floral and fruity scent. The whole line of body-care products from Cottage, including 

  1. Shampoo, 
  2. Body milk after baths, 
  3. Hand cream, 
  4. Bath oils and salts with natural fragrances.

Sweden Hair Scalp Care REF

To fulfill client demands, it offers personalized 

  1. Plant shampoo
  2. Hair coloring 
  3. Hair care 
  4. Scalp care, and other high salon hair products, based on various hair quality and hair color.


Essential oils for pain control in aromatherapy

Natural chemicals used in a top-notch aromatherapy mix can treat

  1. Women’s cycle pain
  2. Balance hormones
  3. Relax nerves 
  4. Relieve muscular pain and cramps
  5. Reduce anxiety
  6. Boost mood.

Innovative Homeware

They created a compact space fragrance box using the unique aroma diffuser technology combined with diverse space requirements. They release personal fragrances such as


Refreshing Day and Night
Sleeping Temperature
Soothing Humidity

They are used in bathrooms and rooms to relieve stress and fatigue. Improve high density in public spaces such as sizable shopping malls, nightclubs, and resort hotels. It improves the mood of people as the fragrance changes according to the situation and the presence of the environment.

Improve client happiness by using your sense of smell. In enclosed places like automobiles and toilets, you should be able to identify and correctly remove odors to provide an aromatic and pleasant air environment.

B2B Customized Fragrance Product 

Work with well-known brands and businesses from various industries to offer specialized services for B2B scent goods. Examples include customizing men’s fragrances and grooming products for Xiaomi. Working with Alibaba Big Data to enable the development of new Cottage products. 

Developing fragrance filter masks together with high-quality industry supply chain management manufacturers. Developing innovative bathroom fragrance products with large bathroom groups, jointly launching fragrance hair comb, and more.

Essential oils for pain control in aromatherapy

Create personal, exclusive fragrances, and customize them with a distinctive aroma using fragrance canvas, fabric accessories, textile bedding, etc. They are deeply ingrained in Chinese traditional culture, transform the experience of conventional perfume counters, and offer on-site grants. 

While enhancing the shopping experience, incense service promotes the brand’s attributes and forges a long-lasting emotional bond with customers.


Synch Tech has various health care and beauty products that touch Chinese culture. They are also involved in social responsibility projects to help young talents reach their goals. Synch Tech offers B2B and B2C products to fulfill their costumer’s needs.

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