Some amazing wooden bed designs for your comfort

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To have a comfortable night’s sleep, you should have a perfect bed. A bed is an amalgamation of better-quality wood, mattress, backrest, etc. There is a full spectrum of wooden bed options that are available in the market. You can choose your favourite style of bed for your bedroom, kids’ room, guest room, etc. You can even go for different sizes of bed that range from smallest, twin beds, to much larger king beds. The design of the bed can be picked up according to the size of the person who wishes to use it, for example, the size of the bed for children is smaller than that of a tall person. You much keep in your mind that the style of the bed defines the overall look and theme of the bed. Also, bed size and design influence the texture, tone, and feel of the furniture in a room.

Given below is the list of different bed types by design that you can consider if you are looking for a wooden bed for your room.

  1. Platform Bed

This bed has a base that is made from a raised and horizontal solid frame. The platform wooden bed offers flexible support, adequate comfort, and proper ventilation for a mattress. This bed comes with a section that is composed of rows of flexible wooden slats that are meant to offer adequate support to the mattress.

  1. Folding Bed

This is an amazing type of bed which is considered to be the most convenient type of bed frame for homes. Occupying less space in the house, this is an idle choice for people who have space constraints in their homes. You can easily fold this bed and put it in the closet when not in use. It also has a wooden headboard that is comfortable enough for sleeping.

  1. Sleigh Bed

The sleigh wooden bed has a curved design on both its headboard and footboard. This bed has bigger sides than other types of beds. It has a medium height wherein the bed touches the floor.

  1. Panel Bed

  1. Some amazing wooden bed designs for your comfortMurphy Bed

This bed is named after William L. Murphy. These beds are also like folding beds, which can be folded into the walls when not in use. They are vertically stored against a wall or in a closet. You can get these beds with shelves, nightstands, and storage units built around them. This bed is also known as Murphy (wall) bed.

  1. Standard Bed

This is a normal bed with a simple metal frame upon which a box spring and mattress can sit. Here you can add a headboard between the bed and the wall behind it to get an elevated look. It can be said that this is a very simple, subtle, and flexible design.

  1. Daybed

Such beds are used for lounging, sleeping, seating, and reclining. You can easily find these beds in the common rooms. Daybeds can be made from metal, wood, or a combination of these materials. These beds look like a couch, chaise lounge, and bed. You can place these beds at any corner of your room or even lobby area.

  1. Trundle Bed

This bed is a combination of two beds that usually comprises a pair of beds with one standard bed frame and a second frame on casters that are allowed to be stored beneath the upper bed. This is a perfect pick in case you are looking for a space-saving option because here you can use the extra bed when you need it and close it when you don’t need it. These beds are loved by kids because they are useful during sleepovers. This is also a good option for you in case you have more than two kids so that all of them can sleep together.

  1. Adjustable Bed

This is a good option for you in case you like to read or use devices like a laptop on your bed or watch movies in bed. You can adjust this bed with a motor and set various sitting positions or reclining positions. This is also a good bed option in case you have an elder person or a sick family member who cannot move much. This bed allows them to change their position using the motor and remote controls.

  1. Poster Bed

A poster bed is built with four vertical columns, one in each corner. These posters support an upper panel, as well. A four-poster bed with the upper panel is just like a canopy bed. These beds are highly ornate and are made up of carved oak. They are available in a variety of materials and designs.

  1. Storage Bed

Storage beds have a higher headboard with pointed edges. You can open this storage by pulling up the handles or by pulling the storage boxes sideways. This bed has a drawer on both sides and also below the footboard. This is the most common beds that can be seen in houses that accommodate large families. This is a very useful bed because the storage boxes are huge and can be used to dump extra clothing, winter stuff, extra blankets, kids’ toys, etc. You should have at least one storage bed in your house if you wish to have ample storage space without compromising on your space.

Conclusion :

Some of these wooden bed options can be picked up for sleeping at home, offices, or you can even take them on family trips. Who knew that can be so many bed options available on online furniture store in the market? While designing your home, you should select the bed design that matches the décor of your room and is functional as well. If you are unable to get the right match, you can get your bed customized or tailor-made.

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