After the pandemic, many companies allowed employees to work from home, including work remotely and hybrid working. But returning to the workplace was the main discussion at every table. Working from home has many benefits, but it includes many disadvantages. Where your living room turns into an office room. There are many reasons for employees to return to work. Following are some of the primary reasons to return to the workplace. 

Daily routines:

Before the pandemic, many of us followed the same routines. In which waking up, getting ready, and going to the office. After spending their routing time spamming in the office they return to their homes. But after the pandemic shifted, all these routines. Working from home allows you to start your work, but you cannot end your workday. It makes it difficult for us to balance work and life. 

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 Social bounding

It would be challenging to connect and communicate during a pandemic without zoom, google teams, and skype. This modern technology has filled the gap between us. These apps allow us to talk face to face. But communicating directly and going out for lunch with your office colleagues. Quality time that we spent previously is minimized. Human beings need social, communication, and connectivity. These cannot fulfill the aspect of looking on screens for all day. 

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Working environment

To work efficiently, you need to have a separate space and area to focus and concentrate. There is a minimum range of employees who own different home office rooms. Preferably employees who are starting their careers and hold a space for themselves. It would be pretty difficult for them to work while they are in a place where they sleep. And either they are working from their living rooms where they used to sit comfortably. There is no doubt that working from home is comfortable. But you are unable to focus and concentrate on your tasks. There would be a lot more distractions. Working from your habitable zone affects your productivity and capability. 

Personality growth:

Working from home makes you feel comfortable and cozy. You only focus on doing your daily tasks. But you do not think to compete or look for better than your other employees. Working in an office not only makes you energetic and competitive. You try and look for better ways to enhance your productivity and efficiency. Working with your colleagues initiates a self-boosting and working environment for you. You feel the competition, and you are motivated to be better than today. 

Workspace environment

Working from can be comfortable and beneficial for some of us. But people who have children in their homes or live with their parents or live in an industrial area. It was pretty difficult for those to work in this environment. A noisy environment distracts you from working with concentration. Working from home is a tough job for many of us. Maintaining an equal balance between work and personal life is quite tricky. 

Needs an exciting environment

Irrespective of the above scenario, many employees live alone. Where silence and peace is the norm. Silence is perfect for working with concentration and focus. But this may initiate different thoughts and thinkings. People who live in too quiet places need some stimulating conversations with their colleagues to work more productively. Due to these reasons welcome in office will be the best option for them as they will meet their colleagues again. 

A clean and organized desk

While working in an office, you get a clean and organized reception desk every morning. But working from home requires you to clean your desk every day. Nobody will clean and organize your home desk. As an organization, employees who maintain your operations and staff who clean the desk are essential. Employees increase growth and success rate daily while cleaners make our lives easier and clean. 

 Take care of yourself:

While you are sick in the office, you get an off day. You can go home and relax. While working from home makes you work while pushing yourself to test your limits. The term working from home makes you feel calm while working. The problem that occurs is that employees do not focus on recovering while they work to fulfil their tasks.

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