Pros and Cons of Vinyl Plank Flooring

vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl plank is the most practiced type of home flooring. It is mostly fixed in the kitchen and bathrooms because these are easily approachable to every person due to their low cost as compared to the other relevant flooring material. But it is a myth in the matter of vinyl plank flooring that is also considered Luxury Vinyl Flooring. 

Other flooring materials have a thin layer of flexible vinyl but you will enjoy a rigid and durable layer of flexible vinyl. It is blessed with large planks that have a unique tongue and a strong connection system. However, there are always two sides to the pictures; similarly, there are also some pros and cons of vinyl plank flooring. Fixit flooring is a company that offers the latest in high-quality flooring.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Two segregated lists of the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl plank flooring are discussed below for better guidance for the readers. First of all, we shall discuss advantages and then disadvantages will be explored.

Pros of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Pros of vinyl plank flooring can be summarized as:

Affordable Pricing Plans

The first and foremost advantage of vinyl plank flooring is its availability at an affordable price; that’s why both bourgeois and proletariat want to put these in their homes or another place. These have 5 to 10 times low prices than other relevant flooring materials. There are different prices for vinyl plank flooring but usually, it starts from $2 and ends up to $5 per square foot. Choose a suitable plan according to your financial capacity; it’s totally up to you. 

Its expenses are far less than the wood floors and carpeting. You must consider that the installation of vinyl plank flooring is a child’s play and the person having usual adroitness can perform it.

Simple Installation

The second advantage of vinyl plank flooring is its simple installation; that’s why these still have a special place.  The benefit of easy installation leads to more sales. This sort of flooring is the best during the renovation of your home. 

Usually, there is a dire need for hammers and other complex tools in the process of the renovation of a home but you will be surprised that there is no need for these tools in the installation of vinyl plank flooring. The whole installation process consists of the removal of the backing and pressing of the strip on the floor.

Elegant Designing

Every person longs for elegance in the designing of the floor. So, the third advantage of vinyl plank flooring is its provision of elegant design. These have manifold colors, patterns, and textures that present elegant designs. Due to these attributes, many people prefer the comparison of sheet vinyl and laminate flooring. 

Nowadays, intricate texture patterns have become the custom and they will also be liked by you at the time of bargaining. The place where the vinyl plank is installed presents an extraordinary appearance.


Apart from these pros of vinyl plank flooring, durability is also notable. If it is said that it has more worth than the features of the design, it would not be a wrong statement. It is very rugged and this feature is the guarantor of its long-term validity. 

People face hindrances in maintaining the durability of flooring but vinyl plank turns this hindrance into easiness. So, you can easily clean and take other measures to make sure of its durability.

Easy Maintenance and Repairing

Easy repairing is also included in the pros of vinyl plank flooring. Individuals have the craze for cleaning floors at least once a week. It is also a herculean task but you can easily wash vinyl plank flooring. You will also observe the steam cleaning. 

Similarly, repairing is also an easy task. Another type of flooring almost breaks down at the time of repairing but you can easily repair any part of flooring without hurting other spots.

Cons of Vinyl Plank Flooring

The cons of vinyl plank flooring can be mentioned as:

Lack of Consistency in Quality

The major flaw of vinyl plank flooring is the dearth of consistency in its quality. No doubt, it supports the best textures and ideal surfaces but there is no consistency in the quality, even famous brands don’t abide by this rule. 

Therefore individuals feel dither in the selection of vinyl plank flooring at the time of the construction of their building. The durability of your floor can only be made sure if you are lucky in receiving thicker vinyl flooring.

Complication in Removing

The second con of vinyl plank flooring is the complication in its complete removal. Annihilation of a floor is a natural and real phenomenon but you cannot easily remove the whole vinyl plank flooring. 

In that, the adhesive glue that is used in the installation of this flooring makes a strong bond with the earth, so, that’s why you will have to face difficulty in the complete eradication at the time of need. In the removal, ambidextrous is required; therefore, keep a huge amount of money for this purpose.

Not a Standard Look in Sunlight

The third disadvantage of plank flooring is that it does not present a standard look in the sunlight. There are some brands whose products can’t resist the ultraviolet rays that work as armor. 

It shows that if you use vinyl plank flooring at the spot where sunlight stays for a long tenure, then you will not enjoy a standard look. It is also a problem that no specific brand can be selected that provides the right quality.

Decrease in the Property Value

As you know, the breakdown of vinyl plank flooring is a natural phenomenon and the removal process is also a bottleneck. That’s why if you want to sell your property, then it cannot be sold on the actual amount due to this trouble.  

No one wants to take the risk because he will have to consume a huge amount of money on the changing of plank flooring. Visit us:

No Option for Recycling

This disadvantage is linked with the above-described point. It is not eco-friendly because this building material cannot be recycled after its removal. It has to be wasted, which is a burden on our ecosystem.

So, these are the pros and cons of plank flooring that must be considered at the time of purchase.


To cut an extensive debate short, the usage of vinyl plank flooring has gotten strength across the globe. Low pricing plans have a lion’s share in this popularity. But a phenomenon always has some pros and cons. If the cons are discussed, these are affordability, simple and easy installation, elegant designing, durability, easy maintenance, and repairing. 

While on the other side, no option for recycling, a cut down in the property value, no presentation of standard look in sunlight, a complication in its complete eradication, and no consistency in the quality are known as the cons of Vinyl flooring. So, you must keep both scenarios in your mind.  

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