Types of Phone screen damages that require repair from a cell phone store in north hills

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The more frequently you use your smartphone, the more likely you will lose it. Your phone may fall to the ground even if you’re extremely cautious. Even if you take precautions, you may end up with a cracked phone screen.

We’ve all had phone screen issues that we couldn’t figure out how to fix because technology isn’t perfect. You don’t have to worry about your phone’s screen being broken, the touch screen not working, or not knowing how to repair the zoom.

A cell phone store in North Hills encounters several screen issues like cracked screens, dead pixels, water damage, and even LCDs that have collapsed. Here, we’ll go over the various categories to help you recognize the differences and any viable solutions to get you up and to run as soon as possible.

To understand better, you should know the materials used to build the screes. Smartphones have liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with integrated digitizers sandwiched between two sheets of thin glass. The glass screen’s job is to keep the device safe. The LCD screen is required for both a high-quality display and responsive touch.

Let’s explore more about screen damage!

Phone Screen Damages Repaired By Cell Phone Store in North Hills

Broken Glass screen

That’s because it’s so common but also the most difficult to describe. In this case, only the glass has been broken, leaving the LCD intact and free of any dead pixels, lighting, or touch sensitivity issues. The glass itself is not expensive, but removing the old one without damaging your LCD is a difficult task that requires a great deal of knowledge. Even though we can do so, it takes time, which is being charged to you, and we can’t guarantee that the LCD won’t break after a month; after all, the phone has been dropped? Hence Cell Phone Store in North Hills fixed the broken glass but advised you to use it carefully.

The screen is black due to dead pixels.

The size of these spots can range from tiny white specks to larger black spots. A dead pixel occurs when the transistor that activates the amount of visible light across all three subpixels fails, resulting in a permanently dark pixel on LCD panels with millions of pixels.

However, according to mobile phones store in north hills, if you choose not to pay attention, the problem will not worsen. If this drives you insane, you’ll need to buy a new LCD from a cell phone store in north hills, LA, and a new pair of glasses.

Light leaking from the backlight

Light from the cold cathode fluorescent tubes (CCFTs) in the LCD gets over the display screen when it is not properly attached, known as backlight bleeding or leakage. This is explained in greater detail in Phone Screen Bleeding. A broken phone LCD screen would necessitate the purchase of a new one over time.

Touch/digitizer is unresponsive.

There’s a good chance you’ve started to notice a pattern. A faulty LCD will wreak havoc on your wallet; the same is true for an unresponsive touch/digitizer. Because the digitizers are embedded in the phone’s LCD, your phone will require a new LCD.

Point of pressure.

The final type of screen damage is a pressure spot. This may appear to be a minor inconvenience for some, but for others, it may be quite serious. Pressure spots on a phone’s LCD screen can occur in two ways: during the refurbishment process or when the phone is dropped and strikes a hard surface. If you can’t live with this, your only other option is to replace the LCD.


Random events in life may destroy phones from time to time. This includes things like kids mistaking the phone for a toy, spilling food on it, or even a selfie being taken with the phone in one hand while the phone is in the other. Hence consulting good cell phone stores in North Hills is essential to protect your phones from chronic damage.

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