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Suppose you are online and looking for a streaming hosting solution. In that case, you must have come across the two most popular hosting solutions, one is the Offshore Virtual Server, and the other one is a dedicated server. Both are great hosting solutions for your streaming services but have specific differences. Which one is better? We will answer in this post today, but in most cases, it boils down to personal preferences. Let’s outline the difference between these two different servers and offer brief scenarios whereby by which you can make the right choice.

Offshore Virtual Server

An offshore virtual private server (offshore VPS) is a solution when the contents and website are hosted far from the country. Like the ordinary VPS, offshore VPS allows you to enjoy personalized hosting services and offers increased speed, uptime, and performance. The difference between offshore and local VPS servers mainly lies in where the server is located. Offshore Virtual Server allows you to host your websites, databases, and applications in a foreign place.  

Difference between Offshore Virtual Server and Dedicated servers

Offshore VPS virtually emulates a dedicated server environment and offers flexibility without the need to pay high expenses for dedicated servers. It is secure, gives you endless opportunities to install essential apps, and allows every business to work independently. It becomes convenient if you host many contents, such as video, audio, and other files. Setting up the streaming environment is an excellent solution as this will allow you to host all the content to a server nearest to your target audiences.

Dedicated Streaming Server

Dedicated Streaming Server is what the name implies. It is a single server dedicated to all the media content that you have hosted online. All the hardware that makes up the server is under your control, and you can tweak them based on your needs. Here the complete resources are dedicated to you, and you share no hardware. These Dedicated Streaming Server plans are more expensive than shared or VPS but offer better performance, security, and flexibility.

Which one to Choose between Offshore Virtual servers and dedicated servers?

We have discussed both hosting solutions; you can choose anyone depending on your business needs and requirements. If you are hosting a lot of media on the server, it is better to go with an Offshore Virtual Server as this will allow you to host content in a better way, and you can choose the exact location of the server that is close to your target audiences. Even if you are willing to host content that goes against the local laws, hosting your content in Offshore Virtual Server will be a better option as the content will fall out of the local jurisdictions.

If your target audience is in the same country and you want to cater to them, a dedicated hosting solution for all your content and the website will be a better option.

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