NBA 2K22MyTeam: An Explanation of Card Tiers as Well as Card Colors


Are you looking for a description of the different card tiers and colors? No need to look any further.

When first starting out in NBA 2K22 MyTeam, it’s possible that a player won’t fully understand the significance of the game’s many different types of cards or the value they hold. When the mode is started, the player is given the opportunity to use certain players immediately; however, these players are not ones that can have a significant impact on the outcome of a match for their team. The process of working through the game modes in NBA 2K22 to acquire the best players is a laborious one and will be no different in this mode.

During the course of the procedure, it is essential to strengthen one’s knowledge on the various cards that may be utilized in the game in some capacity. As the season progresses, certain levels of these become unusable because as the season progresses, the supply and demand for cards on the higher tiers increases, thereby lowering the price of those cards to fit the market value. As we move into the third month of NBA 2K22, we will provide a comprehensive explanation on these card colors in the following article.


In earlier iterations of NBA 2K, there were still lower tiers of MyTeam cards, including Bronze and Silver cards. These cards could only be obtained through certain challenges. However, during the first few days and weeks of the game, none of these cards could be used, which prompted the developers of the game to place all cards with an overall score of less than 80 in the Gold tier.

Only a small number of these players have badges, which enables them to participate in a mode such as Limited. This year, one of the most significant new features that MyTeam introduced was a warm-up Limited challenge game that players could play against the computer using the rules that applied to that particular week. In this game, there will be magnificent rewards that can be used during Limited weekends, such as Gold Joakim Noah or Gold Corey Kispert. Examples of these rewards include Gold Corey Kispert and Gold Joakim Noah.

Kispert has a fantastic release that allows him to be a reliable shooter even in lineups that are full of Ruby or Amethyst players. Despite the fact that the overall ratings of these players do not appear to be particularly impressive, Noah has outstanding Gold defensive badges, and the ratings of these players as a group do not appear to be particularly impressive.


This year’s Emerald players can be used for the first few weeks after the game has been released to the public. All players who begin the game begin at the Emerald level, and they can evolve up to the Ruby level. To add insult to injury, some of the early Dominance rewards are Emerald, which must be evolved into Sapphire in order to earn rewards.

Because most players are already using Amethyst or higher cards by the middle of November, it is difficult for Emerald cards, which represent players with an overall score between 80 and 83, to be used effectively. In the same vein as the Gold tier, it is recommended to save some of these Emeralds for future challenges or limited weekends where the requirements are ideal for Emerald cards. In other words, the Gold tier.

Sapphire Almost immediately after the set was released, certain Sapphire cards, such as Cade Cunningham and Jalen Green, were already causing a significant amount of difficulty for opponents.

Even though their rating was only 85, they were outstanding on defense and offense equally. If you are just starting out in MyTeam, using Sapphire cards can help you get into a rhythm and gain the level of mastery you need to play with other types of cards.

Duncan Robinson, Chris Duarte, and Robert Horry are three examples of players on the Sapphire team. But who have been instrumental in turning the tide of certain matches. Robinson was one of the first Glitched Flash players to be released. But thanks to his offensive toolkit, he is still usable in the game. On the other hand, Duarte and Horry are reward cards. That can be earned through completing challenges and using locker codes.

Sapphires are an ideal place for a player with a No Money Spent profile to start their journey. Because not only are they exceptionally talented. But also because they offer the ideal starting point from which to progress to higher tiers.

Ruby Ruby is the beginning of the tier where some of the best Rubies are capable. Of competing with other Amethysts, Diamonds, and even Pink Diamonds. Ruby Ruby is a very rare and valuable gemstone.

There are some unheralded Rubies that, if acquired by budget players like Darius Miles. Derrick Rose, and Seung Jin-Ha, would be phenomenal additions to their teams.

The overall rating, in conjunction with the marketing of NBA 2K22 MT on higher tier cards, may mislead players into believing that they need to make an effort to purchase Diamond and Pink Diamond players. However, if you take this approach, it will be difficult to maintain an unbeatable lineup each time. There is an update on the cards. Because players who use No Money Spent won’t have any more MT coins to spend.

It is strongly recommended that players who are just beginning the game. Go after some of the Rubies mentioned above because doing so can almost immediately benefit the team.


Even though it is only the middle of November. The Amethyst tier players have already begun to show their talent even against some of the gamers in MyTeam. This trend is expected to continue for the next few weeks. There are regular updates that include the addition of new players. Who are capable of wreaking havoc, such as Spencer Dinwiddie and Dejounte Murray. Who are both currently regarded as two of the best Amethyst guards in the game. These players are just two examples.

These individuals have already been given an overall score of at least 90. It demonstrates that they have the capacity to compete with the MyTeam cards that belong to the highest tier. Having said that, however, not all of the Amethyst cards are still worth purchasing for the players. Who are participating in the No Money Spent event. Because it is possible that these will become obsolete in a few weeks.


When players reach the Diamond level, it becomes increasingly difficult to recommend. That they buy multiple cards if they are playing as a No Money Spent player. Even though many of these cards, like Klay Thompson and Dominique Wilkins. Are incredible in their own right, it is typically not financially feasible to purchase them.

It is essential for new players to put in the effort required to progress through the game in order. To increase their chances of obtaining rewards at the Diamond level. Although their abilities will not be on par with those of the more expensive Diamond cards. They will still be able to give any team a significant advantage.

Pink Diamond

The Pink Diamond tier is currently the highest card that can obtain in MyTeam. After two months of NBA 2K22 being available. There are some of these cards that go for well over 100,000 NBA 2K22 MT Coins, which is obviously excessively expensive for players who are on a budget. Because these players are famous, their cards are heavily advertise on the internet and various social media platforms. Furthermore, their cards feature alluring animations. And badges in an effort to entice other users to make a purchase of Virtual Coins (VC).

People have to avoid falling into this trap at all costs and should instead work hard. To acquire some Pink Diamonds like Kevin Garnett or JaMorant. Because these rewards are still at a high level, going in this direction is advise rather than going overboard. On spending money on other skillful Pink Diamond cards.

Those gamers who keep showing interest in NBA 2K22’s MyTeam mode will reward. A plethora of new promotions and updates as the months roll on. NBA 2K22 will be providing these gifts. Players should take this opportunity to relax and have fun while continuing to play. All of NBA 2K22 MyTeam’s game modes.

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