Modern clear transparent braces for your orthodontic treatment

As you must be aware, these days clear braces are one of the most popular choices in orthodontic dentistry. The range of braces is also known as transparent or invisible braces. Although the basic essence of orthodontics has not changed – it deals with studying, preventing as well as correcting problems related to the development, position and shape of teeth so that you can have a perfect smile. Only the appliance of correcting orthodontic problems has changed from conventional metal braces to transparent plastic ones. Technology behind the clear braces has improved drastically to the extent that now it is a viable treatment option along with conventional braces.

But what exactly are these clear transparent braces? Let us take a look!

Clear transparent braces

In simple words, clear braces are an innovation in orthodontics and is conceptualised upon aesthetics. Clear fixed braces are made from materials that have white or tooth-like appearance. Usually materials that are used in its making are sapphire and ceramic as the both are very long-lasting and do not suffer colour change over a lengthy period of time.

Different varieties of clear invisible braces

There exist varieties of these clear invisible braces made from different materials. Types of these braces can also be categorised on basis of their placement in the mouth. Here are a few examples for your better understanding –

  • Sapphire brackets – this variety of aesthetically appealing brackets is one of the latest innovations in orthodontic dentistry. The high quality braces are absolutely transparent and thus are hardly noticeable.
  • Porcelain or ceramic brackets – this variety is highly durable with tough resistance property. At the same time it is also very discreet. However these come with more opaque colour compared to the sapphire ones.
  • Resin brackets – the range of items is made from high quality resin and plastic with polycarbonate base.
  • Zirconium brackets – zirconium is yet another option in making aesthetically appealing and invisible orthodontic brackets. Similar to porcelain ones, these also come in white.
  • Lingual brackets – this range of brackets is placed inside of the teeth; thus though made of metal these are hardly noticeable.

Application of clear braces

At the initial visit, the orthodontist will carry out a number of tests on you including X rays as well as both intra-oral and extra-oral photos. The tests help understanding a patient’s mouth completely. Invisible braces are placed in the mouth following either of the following procedures –

  • The clear transparent brackets are directly placed on your teeth or
  • The clear aligners are placed in carefully customised moulds taken from a patient’s mouth

The procedure of directly placing the brackets on a patient’s teeth is makes a pretty uncomfortable experience for anyone. Moreover it proves to be much less effective and time-consuming. Thus it is hardly used in the recent times.

On the other hand, the procedure involving customised moulds is more effective and convenient. Once the correct position is hit, the entire setup is then placed in the mouth and fixed using dental cement.

Once the procedure is over the orthodontist evaluates whether the teeth have taken the right positions in your mouth. If the position is correct, the clear transparent brackets are taken off following an easy and painless procedure. So your teeth straightening treatment gets concluded and you are put on retainers. These retention appliances are meant to prevent your teeth relapse – that is sinking back into the initial position.

Cost of clear invisible braces

The price of the treatment is never fixed and varies from patient to patient and also by practice to practice. The factors that determine the cost of the treatment include the following –

  • The type and material a patient selects
  • How long the treatment is expected to last
  • The overall complexity involved in a case

After evaluating all the factors the orthodontist can quote the exact price of your treatment.

Benefits that clear transparent braces offer

Clear transparent braces virtually remain invisible inside the mouth and this the major benefit the range of orthodontic appliances offers. Invisible braces thus contribute to maintaining natural aesthetics while making your smile more attractive and appealing. Clear, transparent, invisible braces – whichever prefix you want to use – are indeed a fine example of human innovation. Out of all the varieties the sapphire one is particularly more durable and offers a greater oral hygiene.

Clear fixed braces are not only a discreet  but also aesthetically appealing option to get your teeth straightened. Dentists successfully handling orthodontic cases using clear braces in Wimbledon point out that the appliances are equally suitable for both adults and children.

However everything is not just positive about these braces. The biggest disadvantage is these are not suitable for cases with high complexity. Being extremely delicate the braces break easily if not handled with sufficient love and care.

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