Make The Awesome Storage Kraft from The Old Cardboard Boxes

Old Cardboard Boxes

Nowadays, most brands use cardboard packaging because of its positive traits and extreme flexibility. A lot of boxes are gathered at homes in a short time because of this. Rather than throwing them into waste, it is better to turn them into beautiful storage kraft boxes. You can use these storage boxes for groceries, fashion accessories, jewelry, clothing, files, or any regularly used items. The basic requirements for this purpose are some cutting and decorating tools and fine-looking cardboard boxes. You can do the rest of the crafting by following these basic methods.

Remove Additional Elements

Several cardboard boxes come with add-ons to fulfill various needs like product safety and decoration of the packaging. Leaving these kraft boxes wholesale as they are will create trouble later while transforming them into storage kraft. Some common examples of such elements are stickers, plastic straps, or other such elements. You will also need to remove the cardboard handles if you require some specific kraft designs that do not include handles. However, leave such elements if you need specific ones. You can use those elements later to make the design beautiful.

Kraft Window at The Sidewall

After removing all the unneeded stuff, enclose the flaps of the cardboard box from all sides using glue or any other sticking materials. Closing those flaps and crafting a new window will look more fascinating. However, you can remove those flaps of the kraft boxes in the UK from one side for using as the storage box. Craft this window at the sidewall in a beautiful design. You can make this window in square, round, oval, or any other desired shape. The design of the window is also dependent on the things you want to put in that box. This unique crafting of the window at a sidewall will increase its aesthetics, and people will appreciate the idea.

Wrap Up The Box

The cardboard boxes originally come in the traditional brown color as they are not bleached with any toxic materials. Usually, the brand or product-related content is also printed over their surface. Using the custom kraft boxes for storage purposes with all such printing would not be a great idea. Therefore, you need to hide all this stuff to raise its aesthetic. You can do this by using wrapping paper. Wrap the crafted box from all sides and remove it from the window gently afterward to put and take out the needed stuff.

Add Fabric Handles

Your storage box is ready for use after doing all this. However, there is something more you can do for your personal ease. Adding a beautiful pair of handles for big size boxes will make it easier to carry them with any stuff in them. Missing it out will result in damage to the walls if you are carrying them from the sides of the box. Add a pair of handles made of ropes or strong fabric. Punch the holes on both sides of the box and cross the handles from them. You can tie them from internal sides so that they do not come out.

Storage Kraft For Magazines

Crafting the storage boxes for magazines, books, or any documents is a bit different from traditional storage boxes. For this purpose, you need to choose a design for the magazine covers first from the internet or any other resource. Cut two wide parallel sides for front and back from the old cardboard box according to the length of magazines or books you want to put in them. Similarly, cut two narrow sides for the left and right sides. Craft a base as well before joining all of them together by using a strong adhesive material. Stick all sides with each other first and then join the model with base. Repeat the wrapping method by using beautiful wrapping paper, and your magazine storage box is ready.

Using these creative ideas to craft the multiple storage custom kraft boxes from the used cardboard packaging will benefit in managing the scattered stuff. Additionally, it will save them from going to the dumps and increasing land pollution. Beautifully crafted storage boxes will also enhance the appeal of shelves at your home.

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