Kinds of Domestic Waste and Guidelines to Decrease Them

Rubbish Removal Lewisham

Rubbish Removal Lewisham:

There is a huge collection of waste increasing in our world every day. There are essential things like plastic bags, glass, cardboard, broken wood, etc. People are using these things in their homes daily. Your family regularly throws all your home waste into the bin without considering if waste can be recycled. That’s fine; anyone can do this at least once in each house.

Furthermore, that is not a great way to dispose of household waste. It will be buried in a landfill, which is dangerous to the environment. Because do you know? Household wastes are classified into five diverse types. In this article, you can learn those types and how to decrease them.

Liquid Waste

Liquid wastes are commonly found in households, work industries, and restaurants. This rubbish comprises detergents, nasty water organic liquids, and even rainwater. You must know liquid wastes are categorised into point and non-point source waste.

Industry manufactured liquid waste is a point-source waste. You can contact Rubbish Removal Lewisham experts to properly arrange your household liquid waste.

Solid Rubbish

Solid waste includes a collection of rubbish materials found in your household and commercial and industrial buildings. These wastes are divided into four types.

Plastic Waste

Plastic offers several advantages to your homes, schools, hospitals, and business industries. Some plastics can be recycled, but they are not recyclable; you cannot mix them in your regular waste and place them in your house bin.

Paper card/waste

These are paper materials like cardboard, food packaging covers, and newspapers. Papers are easily reusable and recyclable. Once reused, place them into a recycling bin and place them properly.

Tins and Metals

Tins and metals are found in many forms in your home. They are small oil containers. Metal is easily recyclable. So, could you not throw it?

Organic Waste

Organic waste is general household waste. Food waste, rotten meat, leaf manure. Are considered organic waste. These types of organic waste form microorganisms. So, these are not regarded as regular waste.

Recyclable Rubbish

Recyclable rubbish is a procedure for moving rubbish items and recycling them. Those are metals, glasses, paper materials, organic wastes, and kitchen wood objects. These items are recyclable. So please do not throw it out in the landfill and water areas. Once you have collected it, then send it to near Rubbish Removal Lewisham recycled centres and recycle it.

Rubbish Removal Lewisham
Rubbish Removal Lewisham

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste contains all types of rubbish; they are burnable, poisonous, toxic, and have opposite reactivity. These rubbish materials are harmful to people and the environment. So, people can remove them right at home. You can contact a professional Rubbish Removal Lewisham company to arrange hazardous waste.


These are the common waste found in every household and other building areas. You have learned about household waste and waste removal methods in this article. Make sure you divide your household waste into these types to ensure the proper waste removal.

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