What are Kaggle datasets?: Get the best Data Sets Online via web scraping

Kaggle datasets

Kaggle datasets are large; high-quality data sets are made publicly available for predictive modeling competitions on Kaggle. Kaggle datasets are typically quite large – often hundreds of thousands or millions of records, and include various fields and attributes, ranging from academic research to government agency records to personal data scraped from websites. The data are often provided in many different formats (CSV, JSON, XML, etc.), which can be used to make it easier to import into different software packages. Kaggle datasets can be used for training machine learning models and performing analyses.

Are Kaggle datasets free?

Many dataset providers are data scientists who compete with each other to provide the best possible dataset for their peers to use in developing machine learning models. The best way to access them is through the Kaggle API, which has a free tier that allows you to access most of their public datasets for free!

How many datasets are on Kaggle?

Kaggle currently has over 50,000 public datasets, and that number is growing. These are data sets that anyone can access; they’re a big part of why Kaggle has become so popular in the data science community. If you’re looking for code and data to do your data science work, Kaggle is a great place to start.

The thing about these public datasets is that there are hundreds upon hundreds of them, so many that it might be hard for newcomers to figure out which ones are worth spending time on. That’s where this guide comes in!! We want to help you understand each dataset’s information and how useful it is for solving any particular problem!

How do you get a Kaggle dataset?

To download a dataset, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your project and click File > Open.
  • Navigate to the folder where the datasets are stored (Kaggle Datasets).
  • Select the datasets you need and click Download

Is Kaggle real data?

In the world of Kaggle, a dataset is a collection of shared data between users. A dataset can be anything from pictures of faces to millions of rows and columns containing product information. These datasets are often used for machine learning competitions, research, and education. But what happens when someone wants to use a real-world dataset for their machine-learning model?

There are many different types of Kaggle datasets available for you to use in your projects:

  • Commodity Datasets: These are public data sets made freely available from other companies or individuals
  • Produced Datasets: Data produced by Kaggle teams during live competitions or training events.
  • Private/customized datasets that you create yourself using private/customized features).

Kaggle provides access for anyone who wants to practice their skillset or gain experience in data analysis.


Kaggle datasets include crime statistics, company financial statements, stock market price charts, and more. Scrape Yogi guarantees 100% human-readable data and gives you the confidence that your code is running on high-quality data every time, giving you a much higher chance of standing out in your Kaggle submission by having well-formatted, correctly labelled data.

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